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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fishing is soooo relaxing....

Okay not really so much when you're on a boat.  Nope no relaxation about it unless you hire the boat and they have their own deckhands.....

Yes, this is Belle, deckhand for the BAR boating and fishing trips.  Kx is of course the captain, since he has way more experience at all things nautical than I, especially when it comes to being at the helm.  Years ago, while I have learned to pilot a boat and I do pretty well, it was decided that  I really am good at all the grunt work that's involved in boating.

I am always in charge of the anchor, both deploying and pulling up the anchor.  I am also always in charge of or better said really, I am THE BAR standard and nonstandard methods of unsticking the boat as referred to by Kx in his previous post.  Here let me explain these methods to you.

The standard BAR method for unsticking the boat is for when it's a typical sticking such as, but not limited to:

1. Trapped in the mud due to anchoring close to shore to find the fish in salt grass or other in water structure close to shore.
2.  In the sand when the boat is intentionally beached for fishing or fun purposes.
3.  Trapped in the mud simply because there is a low tide and the navigator (oh yeah that's me too using a GPS and a map) is just slightly off course.

The standard BAR method for unsticking the boat consists of Kx at the helm, barking at deckhand to get to the front of the boat.  Deckhand then takes the depth sounder (otherwise known as an oar) and uses it to push the boat out of the mud while the captain is at the helm maneuvering the boat using the wheel and the engine.

The non-standard BAR method for unsticking the boat is used after at least 20 minutes of standard method being tried.  This method consists of Kx at the helm, deckhand finally throwing up her hands and saying, screw this and laying depth sounder on the deck and going overboard to push and 'manhandle' the boat off of sandbar or out of mud while Kx is expertly maneuvering the boat using the wheel and the engine.

So, after having read Kx's account of events on our 'relaxing' fishing trip, you can see that really it wasn't very relaxing until we got home, ate dinner and for me personally, after I took a muscle relaxer and had two glasses of wine.  I was so sore when we got back to the house that even my eyelashes hurt.

Hubby and I, are really a good team on the boat.  Though when the kids were small they would think that we both lost our minds because there is a lot of raised voices and creative cussing going on.. but really if I am ever in a jam, then it's Kx that I would always want in my corner..  thank goodness I married him!

I really have nothing else to add about our outing other than it was great to be down there despite the issues we had and I can't wait to get back down there...

Away for a year and everything changes

Plans work perfectly until they meet reality.
Belle and I headed down to the coast to do some fishing for the first time in well over a year.

Let's just say that pretty much everything that could have gone wrong did.
I'll try the abridged version.
* Full Moon Friday night - more on this later
* Favorite restaurant out of bidness.
* Backup restaurant lost liquor license.
* Cut from Caney Creek to Intercoastal:    Cut is now silted to 12" deep. Stuck the boat, slowly thankfully. Boat in front of us and boat in back of us stuck as well. (I am amongst good company)
* Deploy standard BAR boat unsticking protocol.
* Air was dead still, surf was still too high to get out in the gulf and fish the sandbars. damnit.
* Seaweed moving on the incoming tide was immense in the channels nearby.  Got a Bite! No. Wait. just a ten pound clump of seaweed.
* Tidal current shifted the boat while anchored onto a mud shelf, boat stuck again.
* Deploy standard BAR boat unsticking protocol.
*  Back to the intercoastal to head 6 or 7 miles west wherein we snagged a sizable sheet of plastic floating subsurface on the lower unit that plowed copious amounts of water OVER the stern. Brain says, " I don't remember the boat doing this...something must be wrong.
*  Clear Plastic.  Decide to call it a day.
* Change mind on the way back and decide to hit the bay through the really narrow and shallow cut.
* Stick Boat.
* Deploy standard BAR boat unsticking protocol.
* Ease across bay, fish bird island...nothing.
* Head to the south shore of the barrier island separating the bay from the gulf. Nothing.
* Really decide to call it a day.
* Stick the boat on the way back through the really narrow and shallow cut to the canal.
* Deploy standard BAR boat unsticking protocol.
*  Barge traffic now looks like rush hour interspersed with shrimpers too lazy to hit the deep parts of the bay pulling nets in the intercoastal.  WEEEEEE!
*  I think I've figured out where the deeper part of the cut from the intercoastal to Caney Creek is on the way back.
* Stick boat for a good half hour.
* Deploy Nonstandard BAR boat unsticking protocol.  Belle is likely to post on this later as well. You could never ask for a better deck hand.
*  Belle brought some truly awesome steaks which pretty much made all the bad day go away.
* The two things that did go right is I did not trash the lower unit on the boat while sticking it and the engine did not crap out on us. (been there, done that, got the sunburn scars to prove it, once 30 miles out in the Pacific...not my boat.)

* Full moon. When the moon is full, the fish feed at night and lay up fat and happy during the day.
We know this, but we had not been down to fish in over a year and we were going FISHING DAMNIT.

I think I've missed two other boat stickings and omited some other miscellaneous shit that went wrong, but that's enough for one post.

Can't wait to get back down there again! 

Friday, November 25, 2011

Out fished by a 5 year old!

Today we took Scooter fishing and she out fished all of us put together.

She caught her first little fish not even 5 minutes after she threw her line in the water.  It wasn't a keeper but she was thrilled.  Her next was was also too small.  Then she landed a keeper.  A nice trout, barely legal size.  He was fat so he produced a couple nice fillets.

She caught two more little ones after that.  I'm sure that Kx will be posting photos later on.

I'm beat.

[Edit: pic posted, The "talent" refused to hold the fish for the photo shoot]

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Caught a fish dog

Er..I  mean a fish and a dog.
Belle and the youngest daughter headed off to the local store after dinner. Dark outside, so I thought I'd wet a line while they were gone. Plan was to fish off the pier tonight. First shrimp in the water I got a strike. A really pretty Speckled Trout.

Belle and daughter return and we are all casting like an old woman trying to kill a bee with a broomstick trying to catch more like that.  We caught several smaller, but no more keepers.
While fishing, Belle and I hear a rather large splash off to the left, look at each other and both say, "what was that?". Immediately, Belle says, "where's Penny?" (current dog).
Penny swims under the pier towards our voices, I grab the landing net as she's swimming away from the pier and call to her. To Penny's credit, two synapses rubbed together and she turned around, at which point I landed her in the net. No idea how she fell in the water. She was off in the dark on the other side of the boat house. I had a misguided notion that animals paid a lot more attention to where they put their feet years ago. That was until I watched previous dog (blue healer) walk along the bulkhead, misstep and take a header into the creek.  He panicked, which was odd because he used to go for a swim frequently to cool off. Most likely the embarrassment and shame of simply stumbling over the side.  Current dog just shook like a leaf in a hurricane once planted on the dock and disentangled from the net.

Monday, September 26, 2011

We now return to our regularly scheduled program.........

I woke up this morning feeling like I had spent the whole day being Kx59's 'anchor bitch'.

Oh wait, I WAS the anchor bitch.

I always seem to forget how many muscles you use when you're on a boat, especially when you're actually hunting for the fish and you have anchor duty..........  OY!

That's okay, hubby isn't without his own pain issues this morning from unloading the gear from the boat, and from walking up and down stairs, etc. etc.

Yeah, it sucks getting old.

Oh well, it was good sleeping in my own bed last night, but I sure didn't want to get out of it this morning...........      more coffee please.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Trying to turn in........

but the girls are down at the pier still fishing.  I stepped outside to engage in my bad habit and they were bringing in a nice sized trout.  They were squealing as the trout was flopping around in the landing net and I was laughing at them.  They heard me and Bootsie called out, "MOM!  Can you help us?"

So, good mom and capable angler that I am, I went down and removed said fish from the hook.  It was a nice, fat keeper.  Bootsie went upstairs and told Kx about the fish, which brought him downstairs to filet it real quick.  That was about 40 minutes ago.

I took my shower, put on my pajamas and had just settled down to watch a movie when Bootsie pokes her head in the door, "Mom, we need your help again.  We caught another trout but it's too small.  The hook is way down in his mouth and we can't get it out."

*sigh*  So, I went down and of course, helped them out.  Poor fish didn't make it, which is a shame.  He was a pretty little fish and almost keeping size.

Now I am hoping that I can get settled in and get some sleep without having to rescue the girls again.

Funny thing is that it sounds like I'm complaining, but in all honesty.........  I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  Life is good.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Good Day One Fish

We are at the crik again, this time with kids in tow.

Kids are really adults and fishing with them was challenging considering that they are basically rookies because when they were little they were busy wanting to do other things than fish.  Anyhow, so we spent an ample amount of time rigging and re-rigging lines and taking fish off hooks.

KX59 caught one nice flounder that we could keep, the rest were too small.

We couldn't get out into the gulf this morning, the weather wasn't right and it was a bit too choppy to fish.  Tomorrow morning, we're going to try it again.  Hopefully we can make it through the cut into the gulf because that's where the trout are running.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th

I hope everyone had a great 4th. We haven't been posting much. We were a bit busy over the long weekend.
A few pics:

That speck out there is the Lovely Belle working the shoreline:
Shallow Water:
Very Shallow Water! Steer left! That bird is knee deep!
Sunset on East Matagorda:
Sunrise on the 4th of July
Fish On!
These were legal keepers. We released close to 90. Our few hours of fishing turned into 9 hours on the water after we headed out through the cut into the gulf. I have the sunburn to prove it. We were fishing the first break at the line between the sandy and the clean water. We'd still be there, except we ran out of bait.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My last summer fling......

Well I got a call today that my car will be ready by noon tomorrow and I couldn't be happier.

The son is coming over for the weekend to house sit for us while we take a little trip down to the coast for some fishing and of course some more painting in the house.

I did get a rental car so that I could run errands today, getting ready for the trip and doing something that I sometimes enjoy doing, shopping for clothes.  I bought several new outfits and a few new pair of shoes.  Happily my work attire is casual, so I didn't have to buy business attire which is a bonus.

This long weekend is my last summer fling before I re-enter the world of the employed.  I couldn't be happier, and of course my better half is practically turning cartwheels every time I mention it.  Once I get good and settled in and I know for a fact that they are going to keep me (of course they will want to, but you never know) around, I'm buying my man a new car, preferably something that will pull a boat once the kids get out of college (heh).

First on my agenda, however, is a new pistol.  I'm pretty sure that it's going to be the XDM 40 caliber.

Main thing on my mind though is hoping that the fish will be biting this weekend.  I want to catch some fish!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

No Fish...... *Big Sigh*

Well, my vacation is almost over and I have to say that thanks to mother nature, fishing just isn't in the cards.  The past few days it was way too windy and then of course the rain, which led the way to the cold front that has set in and I'm just not in the mood to sit on the boat freezing my ta-tas off while waiting for some poor unsuspecting fishie to bite my hook.

It's been a great week though and I'm happy to have gotten the much needed R & R.  No fighting hoards of shoppers and no gropings by TSA agents.  All in all, life is good.

Tonight is our last night of peaceful bliss and it promises to be a good night.  We get to stand outside freezing our ta-tas off while we watch the annual boat parade.  Folks down here decorate their boats with lights and festive decorations, indulge in adult beverages and cruise at a slow pace up the creek, entertaining the masses, who are also indulging in adult beverages.  Gotta love it!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mud Rasslin'

It was a wonderful day, though only tiny fish were caught, I did see some good friends in the intra-coastal waterway and in the channel at Mitchell’s Cut.  I saw, for the second time in 10 years, porpoise swimming around.  It was a great sight, and I loved every second of it.

It seems to me that more often than not, when the husband and I go fishing, at some point we are going to end up in the mud.  Of course, I’ve mentioned that it usually ends up with me bailing over the side of the boat to push us out while he masterfully mans the helm. 

You may be thinking that we are horrible sailors, but you really need to understand that where we go fishing, it gets very shallow, very quickly in a lot of places.  Our little bay is only about 5 ½ feet deep at its deepest point.  Ending up in the mud is no anomaly around here, even for the most seasoned captains.

Today, was a little different.  While we did get stuck in the mud, I didn’t have take a trip in the water to get us out.  I was thankful for that, though we damn near blew up a $10,000 outboard motor, not to mention the water pump to the bait well.  Fortunately, all is well on that front.

This, of course reminds me of a time when we ended up in the mud in the johnboat and we had a buddy of ours with us.  So without further ado, I am going to tell that story in an attempt to entertain the masses once more.

My husband, our friend Willam, and I were in the johnboat, headed down to the cut to go fishing.  My husband was at the helm and he ended up making a wrong turn.  In all fairness, the channel markers were really unclear and so he was a little confused.

Anyway, he makes his turn and suddenly we are at a dead stop, the motor is churning up mud, we had run aground.  William had this adorable ‘deer in the headlights’ look and he was just looking at me, then at the husband, then back at me again. 

Finally, I spoke up and said, “Fine, send a woman overboard to do a man’s job!” And of course, swinging both feet overboard, I descend into the mud.  The problem here was that I sank into that mud thigh deep!

Of course, not to be outdone, William decides that he’s not going to let a girl get the better of him and he decides to join me in the mud.  In doing so, the poor man only stepped out of the boat with one foot and as he began sinking in the mud, the side of the boat proceeded to play TSA agent and plant itself right in his boys.

The look on poor William’s face as he made an “OOF” sound and proceeded to fall overboard was classic.  He knocked me on my rear end in the mud which was a whole other bikini bottom issue for me, but despite it all I, was doing my best to stifle to a laugh as I fixed my issues and then helped him up.  We did get the boat out of the mud and get back into the water and made our way to our destination.

The moral of the story, when you have to go overboard, do so with both feet, you never know about those soggy bottoms!

Until next time.