Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Wasteland Revisited

Borepatch has an excellent post over at his place called, "The Wasteland".  I have to say that he is one very smart fella and his writing skills are so admirable that it puts my own to shame! 

He talks about how the faults and failures of the Progressives and how their very own philosophy creates a wasteland.  Simply brilliant.

I will only add that it saddens me that the term ‘Progressive’ or ‘Liberal’ has been hijacked by a bunch of moonbat ideas and behaviors.  At one time I called myself a liberal, but not in the sense that defines liberalism today.  I am what they call a classical liberal.  I believe in small government, personal responsibility and basically living and letting live as long as you aren’t violating the rights of others.

Liberals today want to exercise control over us in how we think, how we speak, when we speak and basically how we live.  Whether it’s telling us the politically correct way to speak, or that if we don’t support this President that we’re racists, or which cars to drive or how to discipline our kids, or even how we should feed our kids or what we should put into our own bodies.  They are willing to use the government and our tax dollars to accomplish their goals.

Now don’t think that I’m going to just pick on the liberals here because the conservatives aren’t much better, though they are a little better in the respect of leaving our wallets alone, they still want to tell us how to live, just in different areas.  They too, are willing to use the government and our tax dollars to get their point across.

I have had to rebrand myself as a libertarian or an independent because the thought of being called conservative, liberal, or progressive is sickening.  Both ideologies have high jacked the terms that at one time defined me. 

I am a Reagan Conservative, I believe in the power of the human spirit, the power of innovation and entrepreneurship to lead the way in the upcoming decades.  I believe that when government gets out of the way, we the people rise up and make a better world for us all.  We prosper.  In the words of Ronald Reagan, “When government expands, liberty contracts,” I believe this wholeheartedly.  Need proof?  See the TSA.

Liberals tend to believe that they are somehow smarter than the rest of us.  They believe that only they can save the world, they believe that their philosophy is the only right way, that it’s the only ‘fair’ way to live.  They really aren’t liberals at all, they are Communists or Socialists.  What they fail to see is history.

In practice, communism or socialism, the middle class is winnowed out.  There is only rich and poor there is no in between.  Need proof?  See the former USSR and go spend some time in China.  In order for communism to have any measure of success, they have to allow some capitalism but of course, they cannot allow the population to think for itself, or come and go when it pleases.  They have to hold their population hostage both physically and intellectually.  They have to control the media, the internet, and other every source of information (sound familiar?  See the FCC) to keep the population in controlled ignorance.

Yes, liberalism does create a wasteland.  Borepatch hit it on the head in his article and I have to give him a big, two thumbs up on his article.  I have to also comment that he speaks of unintended consequences in some of their crazy policies, particularly in the People’s Republic of California.

One of my favorites is their not allowing the clearing of underbrush to prevent forest fires.  They worry that some ground squirrel or rabbit will have to find another home.  Well duh.  Don’t clear out those woods and you have a bigger problem on your hands, you get forest fires which release all kinds of crap in their air, and not only do squirrels and rabbits have to find new habitats, a lot of them end up dead.

I digress.

My point is that while at one time, the term liberal or progressive wasn’t a bad thing (equal rights for blacks, women’s suffrage and charities) it has grown into a whole other animal and a dangerous animal it is.

Until next time.

An apology to Borepatch for hijacking his article's title.

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  1. Thanks for the link, and the kind words.

    The core problem for the Progressives is that they think that a few people are smarter than everyone else put together.


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