Monday, October 28, 2013

An Affinity for things Mechanical

If you can quiet your mind and observe and follow written instructions, you can fix just about anything.
These days, someone out there on algore's intertubes has had the same problem you have, and with a bit of searching you can find several possibilities that may be making your car not do what it is effing supposed to do, as in GO.
Sometimes, it just takes a little "fondling" and the "force"

Sunday, after leaving work, I stopped by my son's apartment to lay hands on his ancient and dead Jeep Cherokee.  He and I have been through this "no start" issue several times before.

I took my code reader, my volt / amp meter and some carb cleaner to use as "starter fluid".

No codes came up on the reader.
Pop the hood.
A calm came over my mind.  The Jeep 4.0 liter inline six.  Man that is a great engine.  200+ hp and tremendous torque.
I checked the battery connections then just stood there for a  minute looking.
My hands went to every electrical connection under the hood. Coil to distributor, plugs, injectors, etc., etc.
 Meanwhile, the man child pulled the top off the under hood fuse box and started poking them, stating he'd checked them before.
He went to put the cover back on, and I said, " take that back off".
I inspected the fuses for broken links, then began pushing down on each.  One of the "black box" circuit breakers moved, ever so slightly under pressure.
I pulled it out, and re-seated it.
I told him, "that one moved just a bit"...."really?"
"should I try to start it now?"
"yeah, give it a crank"


Sometimes things work out the way you want them to.

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  1. That is sort of like my dads car, do not remember the make and year, The power window stopped working and after removing all the paneling just wiggling the plug to the motor started it working.
    Sincerely Stepinit


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