Monday, November 11, 2013

Scout Scope

Initial fit up on the scout scope setup for my Mosin Nagant.
I'm dubious as to how well this mount is going to hold up under the Mosin Mule Kick Recoil.
Time will tell.  Loctite on the allen screws will be s.o.p.
As it is, there's clearance to shift the scope back some, which I think I will do.
Then comes the process of sighting in. Time to learn something new. This I have not done before, but I'm just having the best time with a rifle older than me.
I'm not too proud to be coached btw.


  1. So which scout mount did you go with?
    Doesn't look like the Brass Stacker and can't see any brand names.

    I've worried about the mounts being able to stand up to the recoil; especially since I'm sorta addicted to it. When I'm shooting one of mine, I routinely put 60 rounds or more through it.

    Looks good though

  2. 60 rounds. Masochist. ;)
    Actually, my goal is to develop enough scar tissue and kill enough nerve endings in my shoulder to be able to stand running that many rounds through it in a single sitting. "7.62 x 54R, because sometimes bad guys hide behind stuff"
    I think the mount is made by AIM, but I'm not positive now. (tossed the packaging)
    We'll see how it does. Looking at it, I don't think elevation is going to be an issue, but windage might. I may have to garagineer some wedges to keep the mount from shifting side to side.
    I'll post up as I get further into this little Odyssey.

  3. Best mount on the market is from Rock Solid.

    the AIM scout mount is not known for reliability.


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