Monday, March 3, 2014

Texas Primaries tomorrow

Boy politics is a dirty business.
One of the things I wish the Founders had the foresight to restrict: If you lie the government it's perjury. If politicians lie to you, it's politics.

I'm going to vote between 10 and 20 times tomorrow without committing voter fraud.  So few vote in the primaries that my one measly vote counts for somewhere between 10 and 20 of the eligible voters.

Let's see...which of you sucks less. Which of you is less corruptable, or corrupted. Which of you is less of a stupid mook that will buy into damn near anything a lobbyist tells while waving dollar bills in front of you?

One thing that keeps truly good people from running is your opponents can spread the most pernicious lies about you without concern of slander or libel.  Political blogging would be a lot less fun, but I think it might be a positive thing if the candidates had some skin in the game with respect to the muck they rake.


  1. I tend to review the politicians sites and base much of my choice on that information.

    However; I do strongly start reconsidering candidates based on their negative advertising. I realize the truth does need to come out but boy howdy do some of these people sling mud worse than pigs in a sty.

    Frankly at this point, not many of them pass the 'paper plate' test -- one serving and you are out of business in my mind.

  2. Interesting reads. As for me, I've always seen politics as in general as merely an indication that we're still pretty much in the jungle, and are masquerading about as a society. Many of the same back-stabbing and outright lying goes on, but with a healthy amount of relative moderation to keep us from simply killing those with whom we disagree lol. Bleak outlook, I know.


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