Thursday, February 28, 2013

In Search Of

The elusive 9mm round.
The federal gubmint has been buying hollow points by the billion. The scarcity of 9mm fmj is because of our fellow citizens freaking out.
Stopped by an outdoors store with a name similar to Bird Hill this evening just on the off chance there might be one measly box of 9mm.
No luck.
What I did see was a fair amount of .38, .45 and .40 caliber. More .38 and .40.
The BAR executive directors decided that the household would be all 9mm for economy of scale when buying ammunition. Seemed like a good idea at the time, and for a while, it was. A case of 1000 would last upwards of 5 weeks.  The last case ran out a while back.

We haven't been to the range in a while now - just can't bring ourselves to punch holes in paper with hollow points.

I see Ruger makes the same model pistol I have in 9mm in a .40 caliber.  Hmmmmm.
The neighborhood gun store, right around the corner carries that model.  Hmmmmm.


  1. Same story here but made worse by SWLMMHCEM not working while she is in school. I can find some online in quantity but can't afford the bulk purchase.
    And even that is expensive.

    I've some stocks squirreled away but have decided to mark that for the blog shoot. Guess the Mosins are going to the range more often. Can still get spam cans for $104 local.

    1. We've got a fair amount of Mosin / Tokorev ammo for the blog shoot. Got some .22LR for the plinker saddle gun too. Got a enough sabat slugs for the shotguns as well for the truly masochistic.
      Expensive is right. I'm seeing no 9mm FMJ on line at all. I am seeing cases of 9mm hollow point on line for 2+ times the price of 9mm FMJ I used to get.
      Tonight, seeing a bunch of .40 cal locally, I'm thinking I can buy two .40 cal pistols for not much more than a case of 9mm hollow points, and find ammo to feed them.

  2. How much you need? I may have a source of a case or two.

  3. For heaven's sake, get a loading press. Then you can have an ammunition factory in your den, garage or basement. You can get a Lee turret press, set up to load one cartridge for less than two hundred dollars. And reloading pistol ammo isn't exactly rocket surgery, if you canopen a cookbook and follow a recipe you can load ammo.

    Heck, if you really want to get into it, a simple bullet mould and sizing kit will take you off the grid, there is no one tracking component sales (don't tell the Dems) so you get a four or eight pound jug of powder, ten thousand primers, a couple of two cavity moulds, a Lee melting furnace and a couple hundred pounds of scrap lead or reclaimed shot from trap and skeet ranges and you can laugh at these periodic panics.

  4. One of the reasons I ended up with a Glock 23 (gen3) was the ability to swap the barrel and magazine and be able to shoot 9mm. $200 vs. the price of a whole 'nuther gun, is a heck of an arguement.



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