Monday, February 11, 2013

The passing of a Mentor

I tried to write this a little while ago and just scrapped the whole thing.
He hasn't gone yet, but his time is nigh. He's not my Father, but I have spent more time in his "house" than my own Father's.
He came to the office today. He's fighting cancer. He is a shell of his former self.
His time is nigh.
As a young man, he wanted to create a business of his own to support his family, and so he set out to do so.
He succeeded, creating a business that provided opportunity and success for many families. One of which is mine.
Yes, he is my employer. He enabled me to become his peer, in title at least.
I, solely, could never fill his shoes. Nor could any of my fellow partners.
My partners and I have a hard row to hoe.  Each of us possesses some of his best attributes. None of us  possesses them all.
Now it is up to us as a group to carry on his legacy.

I had so wanted this to be an eloquent post instead of the stilted mess that it is, but ...



  1. When you speak from the heart, the eloquence shines. Never worry that the words are stilted when the respect is evident.

  2. Thanks guys. I've always known this day would come. Coming to terms with it is harder than I expected it to be.


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