Monday, September 16, 2013

the final nail in the Global Worming Hoax coffin?

Bill Nye, the sciencey guy, so voraciously vocal about global worming, lo these many years is on Dancing with the Stars.
I remember watching his short spots on TV with my brood when they were young.  Somewhere along the line, Bill Nye the Science Guy episodes got cut.
 I suspect Bill never got over those fleeting moments in the limelight. Not finding actual sciencey stuff  actually interesting, or lucrative, or providing the rush of stardom, Bill hitched his wagon to the global worming hoax.
Now that it appears we are headed into another small ice age, Nye has jumped ship.
Nye is a competitor on Dancing with the Stars.*
I have to give him credit, his dance routine to "Weird Science" was not bad, if not apropos.

On the other side of the "Life as Reality" approach, Bill Engvall just absolutely tore up the Fox Trot.

Yes, I'm watching Dancing with the Stars.  I'm watching for no other reason than the Lovely Belle wants to.

*Star is perhaps not the correct label for Nye.  Opportunist, yes.

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