Saturday, November 27, 2010

What is wrong with these people?


I am both shocked and a little saddened that we live in an age where a girl will post snarky comments about another girl on Facebook, get her butt kicked by said girl, but end up suspended for writing it in the first place!  Whatever happened to the old saying, ‘sticks and stones’?  Why is it that kids today are being taught that something someone says is so emotionally awful?

Yes, words can hurt, but people should be teaching their kids that they are just words.  Why is it that a school will dictate to kids what they should or should not be posting on a freaking webpage?  Why are we, as parents allowing the schools to raise our children and dictate their morality?  It’s madness!

The girl who invoked physical violence against the other should be the one getting suspended, not the one posting on facebook.

Girl says to other girl, you’re a poopyhead.  Other girl jumps the first girl and beats her up.  School official asks second girl why did she beat up the first girl, second girl says, “she called me a poopyhead!”  School official suspends BOTH girls?  Idiots!

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