Monday, February 24, 2014

Remember When

"Top Shot" was the thing to watch on TV?
We did a few live blog posts here at BAR for some of the finals, and it was a lot of fun.
I just ran across it on the Cable guide.  Really?  That's still on TV?  My reaction is "meh".
Does anyone watch that anymore?


  1. Nope. I think I watched one episode the first season at a friend's house, simply because the gun blogs made such a big deal about it. Those are my very least favorite types of shows, the kind that try to combine reality with game.

  2. I've only been able to tolerate one "reality show," and that was Flying Wild Alaska, and at times, even that got hard to take.


  3. I watched a couple of episodes; at its worst it was still better than Honey boo-boo or similar crud on network/cable.

    I think the "meh" factor is an indication of how far we've came. No antis are protesting it much or vocally, people aren't shocked by 'people shooting guns', the challenges and firearms stayed interesting instead of repetitious.
    People now see shooters/gun owners as just another group of folks instead of "gun nuts".

  4. Must be reruns. I don't think there's a new season out.

    The thing is, Top Shot got my WIFE to watch! She's not exactly a gunnie. I think it served a very important purpose - to expand the "meh" factor when it comes to guns and shooters. It looked like FUN (because it is), and it made more than a few people interested in recreational shooting.

  5. Does anybody watch *what* anymore?
    If it's on television, my answer is probably "no".


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