Thursday, February 6, 2014

The 'Lympics are on!

How I know is that Belle is watching pairs skating and critiquing at full volume.
There is no mute button on the remote for this.

Actually, I'm  kinda jazzed. I like watching the Winter Olympics quite a bit.
The dancey skatey stuff not so much.
I can relate to most of the rest of it.
I can there in the back stop snickering.
I took a full day class on snowboarding and after being felled like a tree for 8 hours, I have a real appreciation of how difficult a sport it is.*
I even like watching curling. I know, don't say it.  But, it has a lot of similarities and strategy to playing darts, cricket in particular.  Not that I could hit the double bull after five beers with a heavy emeffing curling stone, but there are similarities there I can relate to.

* I skateboarded as a kid. I surfed as a teenager - 7'-3" custom Jacobsen surf board purchased at "Jesus is Lord" surf shop in Surfside, TX from the proprietor "Bingo".  Topside prepped with "Sex Wax".
In retrospect, the name was a misnomer.  The traction and grab was excellent. I'm not sure that would be a positive thing while....uhm..I'll just leave it at that.
Where was I?  Oh yes.  Being at my favorite ski resort, Telluride, I traded in the board for a pair of skis at the end of the day.  I was spending several $K on the trip and I'd had enough of feeling like I'd been hung by my ankles like a meat pinata.


  1. I went skiing once. Never again.

    1. I swallowed my pride and took lessons the first time. I've observed men try to wing it the first time and boy do they get sweaty, bruised and frustrated. Usually to the point of, "ok, I've had it, I'm done with this."
      Not too dissimilar from my snow boarding experience.

    2. MY dad took me when I was 8. Struggled and struggled and kind of freaked my way out all the way to the bottom of the hill. Then a helicopter landed and medevaced a guy who'd just run into a tree. Still traumatized. Never again, and I don't even care if I tell people I live in Colorado and I don't ski.


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