Thursday, February 6, 2014


This ain't your dining room table.

How things get built is truly an amazing process. Imagine if you will, starting with nothing but air over your head and framing up all this stuff to create the same deck you are standing on, and not one square foot of it level.  I know. I designed it.  Hat tip to the contractors that are building it.
12th level of a double helix parking structure soon to be poured.*
Pan slab, for those that know what that means.

The "tables" are what you see in the pic. They support the fiberglass forms on the top side.

p.s. that is not me in the pick, I am much taller and more handsome from the backside. ;)

* A double helix parking structure consists of two continuous ramp systems intertwined. One 360 degree revolution on one ramp systems takes you up two levels. Where the two ramp systems coincide in elevation, a crossover is provided to access the other ramp system.  While  you may not be aware that you've parked in double helix garage, chances are you've lost your vehicle in one at some point in your long driving career.  It's my way of sticking it to the libtards. They have the shortest attention span and memory of all Homo sapiens. I am an evil Artichoke and I aim to misbehave.

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  1. Cool stuff!
    I know what a double helix parking garage is so to avoid getting lost in them I park all way down in the lower level or all the way to the top. That way I just take the stair case or elevator until it stops and get out. This has always worked for me, until about 15 years ago when I found out that the City of Hoboken has two double helix parking garages that are EXACTLY the same only a block away from one another...

    After a (not-so) minor melt down thinking someone had stolen my car and I had no way home at 1AM. I had a moment of clarity when I noticed a Caddy covered in dust right next to where I thought I had parked our car. I then looked at my wife (to be) and said " Wait, we didn't park next to this Old Coupe DeVille! Isn't there another garage down the block?" My wife just shook her head and walked down to the next block with out saying a word. To this day she will not let me live it down, or drive to Hoboken alone.


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