Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The thin veil of civilization

Drizzling rain today. A transformer, close enough that we heard its splodey "good by cruel world" cry, gave up the ghost. The news says it was a 2015 Millennial Snowflake Model*.  OMG it's raaaining. I quit. I'm going to Starsucks for a latte!

Therefore, I am home early today.
Our office building is without power.

This happened sometime this past Sunday as well.  The 'puter network did not care for it much. Monday morning was a rough start.   Today I was present to gracefully shut things down before the UPS ran out.

Our electrical grid does not look like the image above, but the frequency with which we lose power in this building is appalling.

The electrical grid across most of this Great Nation, unfortunately, does look like that.
Western civilization runs on electricity.  How fragile it is.
Invest in candles and Coleman lanterns.

* I totally made that up, but c'mon the wind isn't even blowing.  Okay, it was actually some homeless dude trying to steal the copper cabling that got lit up by 35 KV.
K, I made that up too. The truth is it was probably something more stupid than I can even imagine.


  1. A squirrel. It's amazing how much damage a squirrel can do to an electrical system.

  2. Hmm. Now that you bring that up, might have been a chicken snake too.
    The mystery is afoot.


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