Monday, May 18, 2015

You meet people in the strangest places.....

Saturday night was the annual company bowling tournament.   It was a fun night.  Kx and I had a great time, though now I'm sore in places I forgot existed.  Amazing the muscles that use when you're bowling.

At any rate, after the tournament was over and we were all gathered by the snack bar, talking, finishing up our adult beverages and someone said...  "That looks like Ted Cruz!"

Kx turned around and said.."That is Ted Cruz!"

Before you know it, we were speaking with him.  Of course I was in shock as to what on earth he was doing at a bowling alley in Houston, so in my inquisitive yet polite manner I asked him... "I'm sorry but why are you here?"

He just smiled and stated that he was taking the family bowling.....   then of course I proceeded to tell him how much I enjoyed having him as my Senator and that he has my vote and wished him the best of luck on his Presidential run.

All in all he was very gracious and kind and just seems like a regular guy.  I like that about him, plus I do like his politics.

On the way home I was just in shock and awe and felt rather excited yet somehow a little humbled to have met an actual US Senator and the fact that I shook his hand and didn't feel the need to wash my hands afterward was certainly a bonus!

He was kind enough to take a photo with me which he certainly did not have to do but it is a memory that I will take with me for years to come.

I guess it just goes to show that you just really never know who you're going to meet and sometimes you meet the good guys in the most unexpected places!

Until next time...


Stay tuned,,,,,,     I have been a busy little bee with regards to getting to various concerts these past months and have met some really cool artists, I really need to get on the stick and blog about it.  (Kx will be thrilled really, I've been neglecting our blog for way too long now.)


  1. Ted Cruz is a great fellow and a patriotic Texan.
    He may not have all the answers, nor is he perfect, but I'll take him over Sheila Jackson Lee any day.
    I'd be glad to see him in the White House and try to restore what is left of our country.

  2. Hey there, glad to see you still around and reading (as sparse as my posts are)... yes I really like the guy... just down right nice.

    1. I'm around a good bit, school has eaten up most of my free time these days, though.
      I've got several posts in the draft folder, I understand sparse posting. =)

      That would have been an ideal experience for me, bowling and hanging out with Mr. Cruz.


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