Monday, May 18, 2015

What I should have said to Ted Cruz

As Belle mentioned, we met Ted Cruz Saturday night, by shear chance.
In my own defense, we had been bowling..poorly...drinking mostly*, and having a grand time.
The tourniquet tournament was over and we were, uhm still drinking and shooting the sh bull.
After Ted discerned he was in friendly territory, Belle mentioned she'd voted for him, upon which I mentioned I'd already donated money.

Ted looked me right in the eyes and gave a heartfelt  Thank You.

I was not expecting that.
Somebody else said something, and being inibriated  enebriated  into my cups, I looked away and did not respond.

When I said I'd donated money, I was not expecting to be thanked or patted on the back or anything else.
My intent was to let Ted know I'd thrown my support behind him.

What I should have said is, "No, on the contrary, thank you for loving this country enough to go through the excoriation of running for President. We really need you right now."

Thank You Ted.

* Speaking for myself. Belle was driving.......

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