Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hotel Belle

Well, my family is still evacuated and last they've heard the fire is just about a 1/2 mile away from their homes.

It's my aunt & uncle, their oldest daughter (my age) and her two boys... then on the same property but in their own house, their youngest daughter and her husband (married about two years I think) and they have a baby on the way.

Kx59 has generously agreed for me to make the offer to have them come stay here if the worst happens.  I won't know for a couple of days but the plan is that my aunt and uncle will go to my mother's house and I will take in my cousins.

If their houses are spared, there will be a ton of clean up from smoke damage, which we will be helping them with as well.

Not a problem though.. that's what families do for one another.


  1. Not to make light of this, but for me "if the worst happens" WOULD be if my family stayed with me.

    I hope everyone stays safe.

  2. I hope that they get nothing worse than some smoke damage but also hope they have stuff packed so they can move fast if need be.

  3. I went through this after Katrina.
    My in-laws and wife's grandparents evacuated here. Grandparents stayed at her uncles parents with us. For the first two weeks our house was command central where all were gathered.
    This turned into longer when they went back and the in-laws house had received 6"-10" from the fact that the pumps didn't get turned on to remove water from the area. MIL was re-assigned to work out of .gov's local office. That became permanent. For 8 months the MIL lived with us. The FIL stayed with the wife's grandparents while fixing their house and working for a general contractor in N.O.
    At the end of 8 months I had had it. .gov was offering her Relo assistance with an apartment but she was still with us. I was at my end. I told the wife it was the MIL or me.

    We do what we must and we never turn out family. But long term situations like this can strain the best of relationships.

    Good luck and best wishes.
    If you need anything I'm sure there are plenty of us that are willing to chip in and help.


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