Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tidbits from the mind of the Belle

Gays can now openly serve in the military...   alrighty then....  who really cares?  That issue is such a non-issue it's ridiculous.
I thought that the don't ask don't tell policy was not too bad.  I mean, when interviewing for a job in the private sector, the last thing that anyone asks is "who do you sleep with?"  Why should the military be any different?
Either way, the issue itself is  really a non factor as long as it doesn't have an effect on our troops' morale.  Only time will tell though.
Obama is doing this out of a political move only and it's a sad state of affairs when the President of the United States uses an issue like this for the sole purpose of drumming up a few votes.

Once again, Obama is wanting to raise taxes so that the weathiest Americans pay their fair share.  Of course, his idea of 'wealthy' has been lowered from $250K per year to $200K per year.  Of course, we knew THAT would happen.
Never mind that roughly 48% of those living in the US aren't paying any taxes, but somehow small businesses owners and individuals who make $200K or more per year need to pay more money so that Obama can redistribute it to the pockets of his buddies.
He claims that this is not class warfare, but someone needs to tell him, "If you have to bring up the idea of class warfare and feel the need to defend yourself against it  Mr. President, then obviously that's exactly what it is."  (If it quacks like a duck..etc.etc.)

Rather than raising our taxes, how about you cut spending?  Why should anyone have their hard earned dollars taken from them by force to support those who are unwilling to support themselves?


  1. I'd love to witness the outcry against any current nominee that says that gays should pay more in taxes. There would be protests, and no one protesting would be smart enough to get the point.

    I say this: Voting allowed based on intelligence and ability to demonstrate self-sufficiency. Smart people would be able to vote, dumb people would not. If dumb people want their say, then they can after they raise their IQ and abilities. Smart people would pay all of the taxes, but make the entitlement decisions.

    If you can't show that you can take care of yourself you have no business taking care of this country.

  2. Even the simple rule of "if you don't pay taxes, you don't get a vote" works for me.

  3. AS far as the "gays in the military being such a non-issue," I could not in any shape, any form, whatsoever, adamantly disagree with you more.

    Comparisons to the civilian job market? Don't think so. I've yet to apply for the job in the civilian world where I'd be dangled off the end of a Jolly onto the floor of a jungle or desert or forest or city or whatever, be given orders who to extract with additional orders to "terminate with extreme prejudice" anyone who gets in the way.

    My life in the civilian world was--and is--a freaking cakewalk compared to what we were tasked to do in the military, ie, boots on the ground in Cambodia in '79.

    No civilian job exposed me to mass murder such as I witnessed with that SOB Pol Pot. Likewise, what I saw firsthand that the Sandanistas did to their own people in Central America is the stuff that almost thirty years later, I still wake up in a cold sweat and a heart rate near stroke level.

    Uh-uh. The civilian world isn't jackshit compared to what we ask these young men and women to do.

    I wasn't even fine with "don't ask, don't tell" but lived with it during my recall to active duty during the Gulf War (Desert Storm).

    What civilians and those who've never served will never understand is that the military is NOT a democracy. Our job was to PROTECT AND DEFEND our democracy.

    As such, we lived and operated under a vastly different set of rules and circumstances.

    No way to compare it to a civilian job. Sorry, but f'ing "Boss Day" doesn't compare with Memorial Day. Nor does "Secretary's Day" compare with Veterans Day.

    I've yet to hold a civilian job that I couldn't tell my employer to stick it up their ass and walk out. During my enlistment, if I'd tried that I would've been summarily court-martialed, dishonorably discharged, then served the remainder of my enlistment in a military jail or prison and doing f'ing HARD time and HARD labor.

    This whole "gays in the military" bullshit is nothing more than the goddamn liberals and social-do-gooders advancing a POLITICAL AGENDA and putting it on the backs of every last one of us who served, got shot, bled and or died for this country.

    It's a f'ing crock is what it is.


  4. The lovely Belle and I disagree on this issue.
    I think this is a factor that has no place in a war zone whatsoever.


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