Monday, April 23, 2012

Kitchen Patrol and Motor Pool

The first oil change on the Scion Rollerskate got done this evening. It was supposed to happen last Friday before the drive to Dallas, but got rained out. Then it was supposed to happen Sunday afternoon after we drove back...but...I had a blogpost to make.
I have to drive to Austin in the morning, so I left 30 minutes early to get a jump on traffic and leave enough daylight to do some driveway crawling.  What is it with new cars these days? Plastic panels covering everything on the bottom side.  The oil filter on the rollerskate is underneath, passenger side of the oil pan. Between me and filter is a plastic panel. Plastic panel has two 10mm bolts and a half dozen plastic wedge anchors holding it in place.  There was a sort of wide "tab" on the plastic panel that covered access to the filter. I'm laying under the car, waiting for the engine to cool thinking, "well, I might as well start removing this fricking thing while it's cooling.  Before the second bolt was removed, Brain says, "ahem..I'm not doing this every time I have to change the oil."  "you know, you're right", says I.
The "wide tab" had a molded crease in it, which now that I think about it, might have been there to enable folding it down to access the oil filter.  My utility knife said, "I'd just remove that thing entirely, and the molded crease makes for a really good blade guide".
And so it begins, the shade tree modifications.
My phone rang as I was walking away from my desk at work. Thank God, I went back and answered.
Belle:; "You're going by the store right?"
kx59: " I hadn't planned on it, no"
Belle: "We talked about this yesterday"
kx59: "oh...yeah"
So, we are having a pre-seasoned pork loin, lemon and garlic ( with a little Tony C's sprinkled on top)
and an almond rice pilaf side dish.
I think this might be the first time I have a post that goes in both the "getting greasy" and " foodage" categories.
I did wash my hands, btw.


  1. New damn cars are not user friendly. My brother came by to give me a ride a few months ago in his BMW Z3. "Just a minute while I change this headlight bulb".
    JAck up car, remove wheel, remove splash guard, remove dust shield from housing, bayonet fitting holds bulb housing...Reassembly is reverste of disassembly".
    No. Other. Way. Possible.
    Took almost 3 hours. Fasteners were metric hex, metric allen, flat, phillips, and torx.
    I bleed with you, dude.

    1. For the most part, the layout of the tC doesn't look too bad as far a shade tree mechanics goes. And, it a step up from working on the Astro beater Van. that's true misery.


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