Sunday, April 28, 2013

Shoot and Scavenge

It's been a month at least I think.  At least a month, since I've been to the range.
This past Friday, in the course of conversation I mentioned it, and how I was feeling unusual.
Uncle Jay reminded me that, "that's why it's called recoil therapy".
I was determined to go to the range before the weekend was over. Aside from poking some holes in paper, my routine has been to buy three boxes and shoot two.

Cool Change posted up about the incredibly fast delivery he got from Cheaper than Dirt on some recent ammo purchases. They have 9mm FMJ in stock?!?.  I'm psyched!  I'm on my freaking smaht-ish phone waiving it in the air trying to find a 4G signal to get to Cheaper than Dirt.

K. For anywhere from $60 to $139 a box of fifty I'd expect someone with a Cheaper than Dirt logo'ed shirt to knock on my door and hand it to me.

I paid $22 a box of fifty today at my range.  It disturbs me that I now go to my range with the mindset that I'm leaving with a full box of ammo.

As many have noted, shooting is a perishable skill.  I had too many holes off the silhouette today. Only a handful, but I'm not happy with myself.
Also, Belle elected not to go today. Not having my wingman woman there was distracting. No one was in the next booth rapid firing till the mag was empty.  Blue man target down!

I'm still feeling all sullied and unusual.
I'm not taking up golf. I refuse to chase my projectiles. I'm just going to have to  make the time to get to the range every week. And, pay the coin.

That and convince Belle she needs to go too.  My hearing has improved in my right ear. Something is just not right.


  1. Cast lead reloads. Just sayin'.
    I think it costs me about 100 bucks per thou, if I already have cases, which I do.

    1. with all you have going on, how do you find the time?

  2. Man I'm sorry. I'm still seeing it listed at $25 for a 50 round box, but out of stock. They had no ammo at the convention and maybe they are gouging because of it. But so was everyone else.


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