Friday, June 20, 2014

OOPS! My Bad

All your email are     belong to Us are lost.
Really now.  Conveniently all the email from the IRS fascists associated with suppressing any organization with the keywords "Tea Party" or "Patriot", among others, have been lost.
Hard drive crashed.
Oh and yeah, uhm, the hard drive was recycled within days, because the infernal gubmint is so incredibly efficient.

Oh! and the other six IRS people's email you "requested", their hard drives crashed too!.  It was a request, right?

I fear the sad thing is the Republitards are going to go, "well shucks, there you go.  I guess we'll never get to the bottom of this."

You can bet your sweet ass the government's email is not cached on the user's computers.  You can bet the farm that the only place the User's email would be stored is on the user's computers. I mean, that would be a huge security vulnerability.  (ok, I know, it's a federal bureaucracy, but still....)

The email servers are backed up at the very least.  It's the infernal gubmint and they tend to be a good ten years behind current technology, so perhaps a replicated server is out of the question, but they have backups, bank on it.

Looking forward to the IRS audit on my next tax return.  ;)
With no dependents now, I'm damn near back to being able to file on a 1040 EZ form.
This might get down to the typeface or font I used to fill our the form.

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