Sunday, June 29, 2014

Range Date Sunday

I find that Belle and I are going to range a little more frequently these days.
Going to the range with someone is far better than going alone.  Especially when it is your best friend and spouse. :-)
For today's range date, lunch was at one of the better Tex Mex places and a trip to Shiloh to run rounds through the pistols.

A few things are contributing to the increasing frequency.
Ammo prices have come down a little. Both the former college students graduated and are gainfully employed*, and Belle has a renewed interest in her personal armory.

So, I ran both my nines**. I decided to use the short mags in my Ruger to work on my grip without the extended mag grip. The pistol is a bit more "hoppy" without the extended grip, but I was not dissatisfied with the target group.
 Today I made a point to shoot one handed, both strong and weak. I tend to forget to do this.  That was a little sloppy but I managed to not put any holes through the white on the target. Boy, the recoil is much more apparent in the weak hand.
Quite a pleasant day. Capped by watching the Houston Grand Prix...from the air conditioned comfort of my couch.

* I know! right?
They both came out of school with skills and knowledge unrelated to dead languages of women's studies.
** Belle recently mused about a revolver.  I hear the distant siren call of a .45.

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