Monday, June 16, 2014


WEEEE!  Yay! Free apps for my phone!

Need a sound meter? There's an app for that!
And it's free!

Well, not really because like many free apps, it accesses all the naughty bits of your phone and reports you location to god knows where.

I have very few apps on my phone because of this. I did install a sound meter app to do some empirical testing* a few days back.

As usual, my battery life diminished rapidly and my phone remained rather warmish for the 48 hours I had the app installed. So, I uninstalled it when I was done.  The code for apps, by and large, is not written for free.  The publishers of said apps will make money off your metadata somehow.

* How loud is a commercial wall mounted toilet when it is flushed?  How much does a cheap ass gyp board partition reduce the sound?  Every now and then, my profession requires that I wander off into the weeds.
Sometimes I find my way home.

70 dB btw.

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