Thursday, October 18, 2012

Boy, I paid way too much for that

[Language Alert!  I nudged the throttle to full ramming speed rant by the end of this]

Bought a book for my Kindle. Found my way to it via Instapundit.
"The Obama Confession"
"Secret Fear, Secret Fury"
by Andrew G. Hodges, M.D.

Dr. Hodges is a Shrink, and a "profiler"

I got 20% of the way into the book. Scanning the table of contents from there on, the remaining 80% appears to be a repetition of the first 20%.
To sum it up so far, Obama has daddy issues because his daddy, whichever it was, Obama Sr. or Frank Marshal Davis, was not around.  Obama has mommy issues because his mommy really didn't want her mulatto child and he got dumped on the grandparents.
( poetic justice in a way, the pinko commie liberal parents raise a daughter with no morals or sense of responsibility then reap the "benefits" of her free lifestyle)
Obama is confused about whether he's a black zebra with white stripes, or a white zebra with black stripes.
Because of this, Dr. Hodges points out a thousand times 1/5th of the way into the book, Obama is an extreme danger to this country.

No shit Sherlock.  And to think it took years of medical school for you to arrive at this conclusion.

So, I will summarize the book succinctly; Obama is a seriously fucked up individual that is very dangerous to the future of this unique Republic.

There has never been, in the history of mankind, a country like this grand experiment we call The United States of America.  If we lose it, it is gone forever.

** I got the book for free. I'm seriously considering sending the esteemed doctor a bill for my time.  It really is that pedantic, and that bad.  Psychiatric mental masturbation at best.  I don't give a shit WHY Obama is doing what he is doing. I can SEE what Obama is doing and I want it to fucking STOP.  I feel no compunction to put a cold compress on the Won's forehead and say, "poor baby"!
Hit the road motherfucker, you are on the wrong side of the White House fence in my fucking opinion.

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  1. I got 15 maybe 20 pages into it before I 'removed it from device'.

    I applaud you for making it past that point.


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