Friday, October 5, 2012

Buckets, String, Rubber Bands and Paper Clips part 2

Rubber band cable management.

The Wrong Way

Next time you unwind it, it comes out accordion like.

Coil the cable and loop the rubber band over one end

wrap the rubber band around the wire

loop the free end of the rubber band over the same end of the wire**


Easy Peasy. No more kinks in the wire.
Got a big cable? Get a big effing rubber band.

**This is a scalable solution, skill level high. Your mileage may vary, do not remove under penalty of law, void where prohibited.  The BAR editors assume no liability should the user fail to follow the instructions implicitly and loop the free end of the rubber band over the same end of the cable, instead looping it over the other end of the cable in which it turns into a cable and rubber band clusterfuck.
Thank You.


  1. Might have to try that on my inclinometer the next time I go out into the field... Currently using a good length of electrical tape, which gets hard to take on and off, as you may imagine.


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