Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Just got home.  The street is full of goblins and ghouls.
The $35 worth of candy I bought yesterday is already almost gone.  Belle is no Scrooge when it comes to handing out candy.
I thought I was having Vietnamese carry-out for dinner tonight, but the family that owns our favorite Vietnamese restaurant closed early, 4pm, for "the holiday". So the sign on the door read. Now that's what I call assimilating.

  On Holiday you take off from Wok.

My Dad was always good at making costumes. Me? I suck at it.  Neighbors down the street from his house used to have a Halloween party every year with some theme. One year the theme was "magic".
Dad took a big cardboard box, big enough to wear and cut a peep hole in the front and back. Inside, he mounted little mirrors.  When you looked in the peephole you could see what was behind him. Creative I thought.
The real kicker was that he had a long piece of plastic tubing he'd drop into your drink while you were peeping and a goodly portion of your libation would "disappear".
Fortunately, he only had to walk 6 houses down to get home.

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