Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Oy what a couple of days it's been

Rolled up on a deadline this week for actual work work while dealing with all kinds of fail on the company network and overseeing the final installation and commissioning of our new video conferencing center.
So I've been trying to concentrate on getting the job out the door with way to many distractions.

THEN the owner of our outsource IT support called my founding partner putting the hard sell on him to revamp all our hardware and go all in on a virtual environment.
The real kicker in that conversation was that IT support owner capped it off by telling my founding partner that the biggest problem we had with our network was in me.
Stabbed in the back.
My partner said his jaw hit the floor.
What IT support moron doesn't realize is that founding partner and a few other shareholders have been wanting to fire IT support company for about a year and find another company. The only thing keeping that from happening was me.
I think I'm coming around to their way of thinking.

IT support company owning moron doesn't know that I know about that conversation just yet.  Outsource IT support companies are a dime a baker's dozen.
 His company just got bought by a larger IT support company.  From a money standpoint, we were not a small client for them.  He's no longer the biggest fish in his pond, so I'll be looking for someone higher up the food chain to have a little church chat with about this.
I plan to make it as painful as possible.
And then I'll fire them.

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  1. It sucks you got stabbed in the back, but it sounds like you're going to at least get even with the little c**ksucker.


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