Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I do hope the folks up north prepped for the hurricane. Not nearly enough of them I suspect.  The aftermath is going to be a mess.
Power's out, water supply likely contaminated, no gasoline, no subway...basically a quick vacay to the 1800's without the horses.
I saw one report earlier today that said gangs were organizing looting sprees via twitter.  I would not want to be up there post storm protected by nothing more than a strict gun law. 
To add insult to injury, the Northeast has a massive cold front moving in on them as well.

My nephew lives in Brooklyn. Having grown up on the gulf coast, he's prepped and hunkered down. He said folks were already getting really nasty last night when he was at the grocery to pick up a few more provisions. 

 In a day or two, they'll be completely feral.

I fear the police are going to be very busy.


  1. Saw the Twitter story. That sort of stuff is why my daughter's shotgun is loaded. And she doesn't much care about MD law once someone crosses her threshold uninvited.

  2. Update - It's not paranoia if somebody really is out to get you. The looting has begun:

  3. it's become standard operating procedure: your team wins, riot and loot. your team loses riot and loot. disagree with a court verdict, riot and loot. natural disaster, loot. no riot required since no additional input is required to create chaos.
    At least my Nephew is doing fine. Holed up with a months supply of canned soup and bottled water.


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