Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What in World is Holding All That

Sh Stuff down?
A bunch of sheet goods, salvaged plywood or something similar, stacked high, bouncing around on a trailer, flapping in the wind.
The very first thing I look for when rolling up behind a trailer is how their crap is tied down, or not.
Too many folks on the road think that because it was so freaking heavy to put on the trailer, there's no way it's going to come off. Nah, we don't need to tie it down, it'll be ok.
Dude had it tied down with something I couldn't quite make out so I skated on past.
I've seen boats laid up sideways on trailers from one good bounce. I've seen furniture hop right out of the bed of a pickup.
I've seen an entire garage garbage sale that moments ago was known as moving day on the freeway.
I've run over a small sailboat that was not tied down to the trailer...what was left of it after it hit the freeway in front of me.

The moronic boat owners are the ones that get me the most.  The boat owners that don't tie down the stern of their $40K+ boat and assume the hook and winch cable will keep the boat on the trailer just fine.
Ya know, it you don't want your boat anymore, set it on fire or something. I don't want to participate in your insurance claim.

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  1. Scariest road moments: Watching a step ladder sail off the back of a pick-up and bounce across the road in front of me as I was doing 70 mph and watching a wrench bounce off a truck, hit the pavement in front of us and sail up and hit my windshield smack in the middle. People need to make sure stuff is secure.


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