Monday, October 22, 2012

Prez Debate III

Random observations:
Obama's voice irritates me even when I'm not paying attention.

While listening to Romney, Obama is blinking more than once a second...ginning up a lie I suppose, or maybe just high on cocaine.  Gotta have the energy for the debate. Medicinal purposes only ya know.

Romney talks about how we "help the middle east reject terrorism".  I don't feel compelled to help the bastids. Drill here, drill now. Exploit our own resources. Quit buying oil from them, get the heck out of there and let them sort it out.

Romney, "30,000 people killed in Syria is a humanitarian disaster..."  No it is not. It is a civil war.

Obama is touting how "we" are "handling" Libya.  Obama is trying hard to paint the removal of Kadaffi Duck as being similar to the assassination of Bin Laden. Talking about how Kaddafi had killed more Americans than...something or other.   Reagan neutered Kadaffi when you were smoking pot with the choom gang you moron.  Libya is rapidly devolving into chaos.  Good job President Pot head!

What was that middle thing again?  Obama starts blinking every time his mind wanders while trying to follow what Romney is saying.  

Some how, according to Obama, his foreign policy is going to help our economy recover.  He must have  just "thought" about 4 paragraphs that he failed to express because ...huh?

Thank goodness I have a nice Blue Moon Belgian White Ale to get me through this.

Teachers? Economy? Wasn't the crux of this debate supposed to be about foreign policy?
Now obummercare.
Obama is probably happy the debate has run off the rails, I mean, with his foreign policy record...

Obama segues to Tax Cuts, then to military spending. In particular how much more we spend on our military than so many other countries.  Yes. Yes we do.  It is why they are reticent to attack us. That and tens of millions of deer hunters that can actually put rounds on target at 100 yards plus.  2A MOFO!Premature military action? Romney says we should take premature military action - so says Obama.

Two guys that have never served a day in the military debating military spending. A conversation based on mutual ignorance. This could go on all night.

Obama says that Iranians have the same aspirations for a better life as other people around the world.  Those People will tell you that they are Persian, not Iranians.  Your evil white twin, Carter, fucked that up.  When they protested a while back, where were you and your administration while Amadini-jihad's thugs were shooting defenseless protestors?

Romney is watching Obama as he rambles. He has a look on his face like, "come on, come on, I know it's coming, the total brain flux and melt down."

Oh screw this.
I'm going to get another Blue Moon.

Vote Early and Vote often.  Hey, fight fire with fire. It's how the democrats do it.

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  1. The exchange on the military summed up the candidates well -- neither ever served but one brought facts and numbers and the other scored a cheap shot that was effective.

    Romney clearly stated the military said we needed X and Obama used it as a chance to attack Mitt. Failing to address the issue.

    From talking to some folks, it appears the ad hominen attack worked - sad.


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