Sunday, July 24, 2011

A conversation at Goodson's Cafe

Yes, the chicken fried steak really is that big. Blackeyed peas and real mashed potatoes for sides.
I have to commend Belle's photography skills. I haven't looked that slender in a photo in I don't know when.
It must have been my 7th or 8th retreat into the air conditioning today from working in the yard, when Belle suggested we make the short jaunt over to Tomball to Goodson's for a chicken fried steak.

I've decided that a good chicken fried steak is the answer to fatigue and a sore back. (the large draft beers didn't hurt either). The Bill comes and Belle asks how much it is. I say not bad, and give her the down low on the bottom line.
Belle: "You're a cheap date" (She tells me this all the time. I still don't know what she means.)
me: "How do you figure? I'm paying the bill"
Belle: "Well...I drove here"
me: "I don't think you burned 38 dollars worth of gas..."
Belle: "Well with the gas prices these days...."
me: "And "we" did misread the map didn't we?...took the scenic tour of Tomball"
At which point, Belle thought I was quite funny. Whew, that was close. If you've not been married, that won't make any sense to you whatsoever.
If you should find yourself anywhere within 25 miles of Tomball, I highly recommend Goodson's Cafe. If you have eyes on the delectable pies for desert, I suggest the small chicken fried steak. Or, forego desert and go all in for the large. (my preference)


  1. "You're a cheap date."
    Yes Dear, but you're my only paying customer."

    See Ya,


  2. YeOldFurt FTW!

    And funny, I've been on that same tour myself ...


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