Monday, July 25, 2011

More on bugs

Looking for the giant wasp / yellow jacket I've seen several times I came across this.
Asian Hornet. Can't live in north america according to some. That pic looks about right, but on the smallish side. One of these Bastids cornered me in my own garage a while back.
While looking for that, I found this:
I feel that spider's pain.


  1. Aahaahhhhrrrrgh!!

    Bee phobia.

    *runs away*

  2. We put in a new screen door today, and in the process had to destroy a wasp nest. The stragglers were met with judicious force of my fly swatter. Don't get stung, get angry!

  3. Yeoldfurt's weapon on choice is always my cotton dish towel. You know the generous white rectangle of absorbant soft cotton your mom always had in the kitchen. When a wasp gets in the house, I take him the towel and turn him loose. He's got a deadly aim with that thing. But one of these days I'll tell you about the time he used one of those cans of wasp spray know the ones that claim to shoot 30 feet. We've all used them, just most of us use them OUTside. They have an interesting affect on popcorn ceilings. Yup ...I feel a post coming on.

    : )

  4. As a small child I can remember my mother, the inventive soul that she was, tying old rags on the end of a long stick, soaking it in gasoline and burning the little effers out when they decided to set up camp around the house.

  5. Ah, back in the day we used kerosene and poured it in to the hive or mound and lit it up!

  6. @bluesun: with these badboys, a badminton racket would work quite well.


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