Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What's your Favorite Object?

This is the question my five year old granddaughter posed to me this evening.
I was...stumped.
Belle piped up from the couch.."I think pawpaw's favorite object is a beer can"
Really? Moi?

[edit] Ok, I admit it.... beer is my favorite alcohol delivery medium.


  1. Heh

    Of course, a beer can without an easy chair is sad ...


    WV: "stein"

    Double heh.

  2. Yup, a kid's perspective may be a little skewed by their lack of the BIG PICTURE, but they always call it like they see it. LOL

    My sister was helping her 5 year old granddaughter decorate a special box for each member of the family. She gave her granddaughter a pile of old magazines and told her to cut out pictures of things her brothers and mom and dad liked so they could decorate each of their boxes. Among the things the granddaughter cut out to put on her dad's box were several dollar signs ($) and a cartoon type drawing of a pile of dollar bills. My sister asked why and she said, 'Cause Daddy likes MONEY ...he's always wanting to save more money.' I know my nephew, I love my nephew ...but the kid has him pegged! LOL

  3. Either my 10/22, my 642, or my little red flash drive. Do we have to pick just one?

  4. According to Scooter, yes.
    Apparently, she has just grasped the concept of the word "object". It was the question of the day.
    So, I'll pose the question to the readers: What is your favorite object?


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