Friday, July 15, 2011

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Ah, it's so sweet.  As of yesterday, I had been working on reconciling the cash account and while it took me a few days to do it, I got it done.  It was a mess.  Now there are, of course other things to do to get caught up with what I'm doing, but it's getting there. what a relief.

Right now, as is my routine, I'm having coffee.  I get up at 4:30 each morning, have couple cups of coffee, watch the news, read the blogs or play facebook games and then I get ready and go to work.

I've been getting there a little before 7 every day and I have lunch at my desk and work through lunch I go home at 4.  My boss took pity on my yesterday since I had to drive way across town to pick up Bootsie (my youngest daughter of 18) and told me to get going an hour early.  Last Friday at 3:30, he sent me a text message saying, "Great first week, go home!"

I'm not used to this kind of behavior from an employer.  He will spoil me if he's not careful!  No biggie, I'm not one that will take advantage of him though.  I'll just be happy when he tells me to get going and not worry about when he doesn't.

I really like my boss and I know that I'm going to love working there.  It gets better and better each day.

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  1. That's great ...just having a job you don't hate is a good thing. Having a job you love is a great thing!


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