Monday, July 11, 2011

Windows 7....Yuk

I have my laptop set up for dual boot: Windows 7 or Linux Ubuntu 11.04.
When I first got this 'puter, I thought Windows 7 was not so bad, having worked for so many years on the XP platform. Tonight, I thought "perhaps I should boot it up in Winders 7 and update the virus protection and the OS". (Commence slow motion wading through chest deep water)
Linux boots up, literally, in seconds. Winders 7 clocks in at minutes, and you won't know it's actually finished until the program icon you clicked 4 minutes ago produces a program on your computer screen.
There are some excruciatingly slow time frames, of which we can do nothing about. (while I was typing that last sentence..this popped up)

There is the waiting for the cable guy (AC repair guy, Appliance Repair guy..insert repair guy of choice here) in the guaranteed 4 hour window. If it is 8am to 12pm, he will show up at 1:47. If it is 1pm to 4pm, he will show up
The only thing I find more annoying than Winders 7 boot up time is microwave time. Two minutes and 30 seconds to heat my left over spaghetti seems to turn real time into a matrix fight scene montage. In the time frame from pushing the start button to the "ding" I can: Make a quick trip to the restroom, Go back to my desk, Check my email, Respond to five emails, Check Borepatch's blog, Find my lost insurance card in my briefcase, text my daughter on my ancient cell phone, check Bluesun's blog, Read the comments on the Lovely Belles blog, change the oil in my car, and discover I have a real knack for Tantric Yoga. (ok, I made that last one up)
And, when I return to the microwave...I still have 23 seconds to wait.
Meanwhile, Your windows operating system will be available in a guaranteed 4 hour window next Wednesday.
Now that the updates are done, pardon me while I restart this laptop and boot up into Linux.


  1. If I teach you tantric yoga, can I get my blog in the list of the ones you check?

  2. Oh, wait. You and I both said "tantric" but in my head it was frantic.

    Never mind.

  3. "frantic yoga" that anything like wesson oil twister?

  4. Not ENOUGH like wesson oil twister, unfortunately.

  5. I'm afraid that my mind can never unimagine North and KX59 doing tantric yoga ...

    Even "sudo tantric yoga" ...


  6. Not to get back to the subject, or anything, but one of the reasons I like windows 7 is because of how fast it boots. Somewhere around 10 seconds on my compy. Weird.

  7. @Borepatch: what has been seen, cannot be unseen

  8. Okay, now I'M wierded out here (and that's not an easy feat)......... tantric yoga? oye.


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