Thursday, July 21, 2011


The lovely Belle has a big day planned after work tomorrow. First, the last of the Harry Potter movies. (She's read all the books, multiple times and seen all the movies). And, second, off to commune with drunks with pointy things. I never really could get into the whole Harry Potter series. I like the first movie ok, but after that it just did not click with me. So after dutifully attending several of the Harry Potter movies with Belle, I finally found the courage to tell her, "I think I'll pass on the next one".
The prodigal son and I were sitting on the couch watching TV a week or so ago when a movie trailer came on. He reacted immediately with "Really?" ( and not the snarky connotation of Really I'm prone to use)
He went on to explain that there was an online "web comic" he had followed for quite some time, which he believed that the movie might be based upon.
With a big smile on his face, he went on to relate some of the more ridiculously epic episodes of the comic book series.
This is a movie more to my personal, and I admit, my inner juvenile, tastes. First, there are cowboys. And, guns. And, explosions. That right there is enough to get my interest, but they also have Spaceships and ALIENS!
Turns out Son'age was right about the web comic, but the original goes farther back than that.. The movie is based on the original comic book and the web comic.
Based on what I've seen from the trailer, the first part of the movie starts out like a pretty good tough guy cowboy movie. From there, for me, it only gets better.
I might have to actually spring the increasingly worthless greenbacks to go and see this one at the movie theater.


  1. My lovely bride went to see the final Harry Potter episode this afternoon and loved it.

    We're BOTH going to see Cowboys & Aliens sometime next week or the first week of August.

    No doubt whatsoever we'll both love it.


  2. CaptaIn America anyone?


  3. yep, I'm liking the trailers on that one too.


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