Sunday, July 31, 2011

5pm Sunday, thank goodness the weekend is finally here

Prodigal Son was planning on coming home this past Friday. He called to say the jeep wouldn't start.
-battery was dead. Some testing showed a parasitic drain of about 0.4 amps.
Saturday, Sonnage and I spent tearing apart the jeep tracing wires and dissecting the dash to get at the headlight switch, looking for the short to ground.
Sunday, we spent installing a new headlight switch and reassembling all the stuff we tore apart the day before. We hadn't quite reached the point of heat stroke, so we threw in a couple of oil changes to see if we could get there. The man child was right there every step of the way, some times leading the way. (proud I am of that boy)
Final amp meter testing shows no more parasitic drain on the battery. Headlights work again (always a good thing). And now, I am showered, in the air conditioning, marinating steaks and having a hoppy beverage.
I just love Weekends.

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