Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Miss Me Yet?

If not, it's okay.  My brain is fried especially since I've had my nose buried in bank statements and general ledgers since day one..... oy!

I miss posting to the blog, but all I would post is nonsense which is, come to think of it, normally the case anyway.  Luckily my better half has a handle on things and has some good stories to tell as well!

Speaking of stories, he really needs to tell about the relocating of the raccoons!  Now there's a story!

The job is going great and soon, I will have a handle on things.  Considering that the bookkeeper didn't reconcile the bank accounts in 4 months, I have my work cut out for me...........  then there are other entries that I have to make but I suspect that in a couple of months, everything will be running like clockwork.

See y'all soon!


  1. Possum and snare story is better, but that's a whole nother story

  2. Very glad to hear the new job is going so well!


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