Friday, July 29, 2011


Well the little hurricane that couldn't, Tropical Storm Don is skirting just south of Corpus Christi. The Hill country is in for some needed rain. Based on what the weather reports are saying, we need at least another 7 Dons to catch up on our rain deficit. A few days back the tracking models were showing the storm rolling right over the crik house.
Earlier in the week, Dad called to ask if I would go down to the crik house Thursday night and help him get the boat out of the water. He mentioned that my younger brother would be joining us. So, after work I headed over to Dad's house and we drove down together. My Brother met us at our favorite grill down there, Stingray's for vittles and libations. Stingray's is right next to the swing bridge on 457. I'm partial to their "Stingers", we call them Jalapeno poppers when we make them; A jalapeno pepper split and de-seeded with a shrimp and cheese inside, wrapped in bacon.
I haven't talked to my Bro at length in many many months. Mostly because the effer pays for a land line phone and answering machine to do nothing more than collect telemarketer recordings. And, he never checks his voicemail.
Back at the house, we had no hoppy beverages, so we broke into the rum. Dad toddled off to bed early. The effer and I sat up talking and telling stories until he checked the time to discover it was a quarter to 2 a.m.
I haven't laughed that hard in quite some time. He should be the one writing a blog.
We rolled out at sunup and the boat came out of the water without a hitch (well actually we did have a hitch..never mind, you know what I mean). We headed back to H town and I was at the office by 11 a.m to work the remainder of the day.
We passed through some squally rain on the way home, but we've not had a drop at the Hacienda de Campana all day.
I had a headache that ratcheted up like a slow turned screw all day long. Yes, it was the rum.
It only hurt when I laughed thinking about my time last night with my Bro.

[update]: No, not the hill country. I just checked storm tracker and it looks like the remnants of this will roll through Big Bend and perhaps over Monterrey, Mexico. Those folks do not need a lot of rain in a short period of time. Monterrey floods, and floods bad under those circumstances.

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