Thursday, July 21, 2011

If you're going to bring the snark......

At least know what the hell you're talking about.....

There's a good opinion piece on this here.

Apparently, Contessa Brewer of MSNBC doesn't know her ass from a hole in the ground.  Someone needs to teach her that you should always know your 'enemy' when entering into a debate with them.

Mo Brooks has three degrees which are political science, economics and law.

What a boob that woman is.  Go to the link I provided, it's a good opinion piece on this.


  1. piss stream media? Great category...pee into the wind, it gets on you

  2. She makes the fatal error that most media types do. "I'm on TV every night and people tune it to listen to what I say. Therefore, I MUST be smarter and more qualified than anyone I meet."

    I like how he doesn't miss a beat when she asks the question. The only thing that could have made it better would have been for him to add, "What are YOUR qualifications, you dumb ?"


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