Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Horrendous Heat

"Horrendous Heat Spans from Texas to Virginia Today" so says Bill Deger. And I'd agree, although it's not unusual for us down here. The 100 plus degree temps did arrive a bit earlier than usual. Teke decided that 107 degrees was perfect weather for repairing his sprinkler system and making the obligatory 5 trips to the hardware store.
I actually saw rain at work today. And yesterday, Belle saw a lone bee buzzing around the cucumber vine. Thinking ahead to next year, the plan is to plant a boatload of flowers around the veggie plants to attract what little of the buggers are still out there. Things are looking up.
It used to be that if something went right in your day, it made your whole day. Now, if anything goes wrong, it just pees on everyone's parade. I had a great depression mentality instilled in me in my knee-high years.

One other plus that I have no explanation for is that there are no, nada, as in zero, tropical depressions, low pressure cells, hurricanes, hissicanes, or rain in the Atlantic between Africa and Cypress today. If you'd like a technical explanation, I'll have to call the Elder Kx59, being that he was a meteorologist in the Air Force.
Wasn't this supposed to be another epic year for named storms where they had to pull out the "B" list of names? That global warming gravy train just keeps getting smaller, and smaller, and smaller.
I so wanted to post a screen shot, but Stormpulse is not liking my linux browser, so I'll have to punt and post a link.
I'm not counting my chickens just yet though. Late August is when the bowling ball seems to hit the oily maple.
P.S. Belle sends her love to all. She has been under the gun with the new job, but loving it. She'll be back before you know it. Meanwhile, you'll just have to put up with the B side of the blog.


  1. It's hot here in Atlanta. Muggy, too - probably like Houston. Austin hasn't been so bad (hotter, but less muggy).

    But I hear that High Pressure Systems are caused by Global Warming Study Grants. Well, it's what I've heard.

    And nothing wrong with Belle's dart posts, but your Gloeball Wurmening posts aren't what I'd describe as "B List" ...

  2. Was 100 last week, but this week it's been cool and raining quite a bit. Usually don't get the summer rains and thunderstorms till the end of August. But we all know that the ways of the Algor are fickle and capricious.


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