Monday, August 1, 2011

Disaster Averted!...or something

The federal budget Kabuki Theater has come to an end, and it was a great success for All! The stock market soared! And then went...wait...what? Then it dropped 300 points or so and placed it's face in palm. But wait! it's not so bad after all. No broken bones, only skinned knees and elbows. And so, Dow makes his slow climb back up out of the abyss, within 10 points of the rock he fell from Friday.

BigFurHat reminds us of the long road ahead and not to despair. I found encouragement in his words.

My take was that “we mattered.” That isn’t “we won.”

What the TEA party did was prevent an Obama unfettered. What Obama wanted and continues to want is to “fundamentally transform America as we know it.” And that was always believed to be that America was going to fully embrace socialism.

The TEA Party fundamentally changed Obama. We haven’t turned him into a conservative, but we’ve made him into a “business as usual” uber-Rino. That is a victory to some degree, but we have much work ahead of us. We should continue to be angry, riled and at the ready, but not dejected, depressed or defeated.

We were never going to get what we wanted with Obama in the oval office and a democrat controlled senate. Baby steps. Baby steps. If we are lucky Obama won’t have time enough to create an economic crisis so that he can implement socialism out of the carcass of capitalism. We must get them all out. Some of them include trojan horse TEA party candidates.

What is it that Borepatch always says? Oh, yes..Vote them Out..All of them.

And yes, we should continue to be angry and riled.


  1. I quoted Borepatch on FB yesterday, regarding this very issue.
    Vote them ALL OUT!

  2. "we should continue to be angry and riled" - Yes, because we were able to let things go for a very long time and remain safe. We're not safe anymore - not from our government, not from foreign powers.


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