Sunday, July 24, 2011

I'll Have What She's Having

Yes it was almost a "When Harry Met Sally" moment at the restaurant today.

I knew that I was going to have the chicken fried steak but decided on the small order when my eyes spied the dessert menu........ chocolate pie. I can never pass up chocolate pie.

As you can see when I took this photo I had already had the first taste of the velvety goodness.  After that first bite of the flaky crust and delectable chocolate, I knew that I had the real deal.  No instant pudding mix in that pie, it was all homemade and it had to be a sin to eat something so good on a Sunday, but who cares.

Each bite was a little taste of heaven, each bite extracted sounds of euphoria from my lips.  It was better than sex..   well almost.

Hubby watched me as I ate my pie and I think that he actually enjoyed it almost as much as I did.  God it was so good.  Every single bite was rich, soft and smooth and melted in my mouth.

I told my hubby, "If I get any louder after taking a bite of this, someone is going to say, "I'll have what she's having!"

It's been said that chocolate extracts the same emotions and feelings that one experiences when they have an orgasm.  Today, I could understand why.


  1. Your husband is a saint, Belle. Thank goodness Mrs. Borepatch only posts about shooting.


  2. I no longer have a Mrs. Guffaw (we're divorced, altho friends)
    I understand she reads my blog occasionally. But, she really has no control over my pie intake.
    However, I'm still jealous!

  3. We've recon'd several little diners in North Texas that have truly awesome Chocolate Pie. Thing about good pie is... if a place can pull off wonderful pie then usually everything else on the menu is top notch too. This has led us on one or two occasions to order the pie FIRST - so we make sure we aren't too full to enjoy it after our meal :)

  4. So a bag of M&Ms is multiple orgasms?


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