Saturday, June 30, 2012

May You Live In Interesting Times

Purportedly a Chinese curse.
We certainly are, aren't we, with the recent SCOTUS ruling and the very first AG to be held in  contempt of congress. Things are getting quite wiggy, no?
Crawling into a hole will result in you living in a hole.
Obama must go.
Be very, very careful what you wish for.  Voting for Obama simply to hasten the downfall of this Republic so we can rebuild it is a fool's errand.
If we lose it, it is gone.
Enjoy your hole in the mud.

What a nice day it was

Hooked up with an old friend to go shooting. Ran 150 rounds through my XDm this afternoon.
Won the annual company bowling tournament tonight.
I do not credit that to my bowling skills. I do, however, have a knack for picking team mates that can consistently break 100.
 This is the third time my team has taken first.  I consider it retribution. I've played in 22 company golf tournaments and have yet to be on a winning team.  I'm beginning to think I might be the weak link there.
Nah. That couldn't be it.  I just need to pick better team mates.

Stay tuned. The board members of the BAR have paid for some of the most expensive internet access on the planet.  Gotta love an expense account. Oh. shit, wait I'm paying for that.
-might be some pics of crystal clear blue water in the next few days.

Jealousy and Nerves

Okay, so hubby went to the gun range with his bud. Unfortunately, I had to stay behind because I am attending my daughter's baby shower.

I'm unbelievably jealous because hubby is shooting........ he's shooting MY Tokorev.... so yeah.. I'm a little jealous.

I'm nervous because... well... she's mine and I want her to come home to me in one piece!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Awesome! Doh!

Close bud, Billy Joe Flowers called me today.  He's bach'ing it this weekend and wants to go shooting tomorrow.  Haven't seen him in quite a while.
Belle called, on her way to go throw pointy things at drunks and "could you put the stroller together for me for the baby shower tomorrow, pretty please?"

The Universe remains balanced.


Thursday, June 28, 2012


Dallas Area Blogshoot II is in the formative stages.  Bob S. is community organizing at 3 Boxes of BS, with helpful input from TheRedneckEngineer.  Looks like some time in September.
Mark your Calendar.  DAB I was awesome.  The lovely Belle and I are already planning on attending.

The BAR-o-sphere grows a bit

A couple of blog roll additions:
Anthroblogogy. Dirtcrashr has a short, and brilliant, post up, which if we could accomplish it, would solve a great many of the problems we have with our politicians.

And, how can you not like a Texas Chick with a Gun?
2A Mama got drafted into the GBBL Yesterday. Rumor has it, she might be at Dallas Area Blogshoot II.

Contempt of Congress

for Eric Holder.  So I've read, we've not, in the history of this country, had an AG held in contempt of congress.  Good luck getting someone in the DOJ to actually pursue criminal charges. The only path left to House of Representatives is to sue Holder.  I'm no legalman, just parroting what I've gathered today.
Holder's response? Meh, whatever. I'm going back to my office.
Been quite a day. A bit of legislation from the bench, and a nonevent. So now the question is, "does the House have the stamina to pursue this further."  It's sure to drag beyond November.

Funny Stuff

Okay, after that rant, I have GOT to post something to make me smile...  so, I put on my think cap and pulled this rabbit out of my hat.

Granted, this is probably politically incorrect, but........ so?


Okay, here we go.  Time for a good old fashioned Southern Belle rant. 

This is unfucking believable...   apparently the SCOTUS ruled on Obamacare and upheld the damned individual mandate.

Why did they do this?  Well, because the lawyas who defended the fucking POS  argued that it was a TAX!

But wait!  Didn't they sell it shove it down our throats by saying to the American people that it was NOT a tax?

Fuck this shit.  Vote every last one of those sons of bitches out of office. 

Well folks, it looks like this is the beginning of the end.  Progs want to us be more like Europe?  Well, just take a look across the pond and see what's happening to them.  The EU is about to go belly up and they can't seem to figure out that when you have too many people on the puplic funds and not enough people who can afford to make the purchases that fuel the economy, which jobs and creates tax revenue.. well..   you tend to go bankrupt in short order. 

You fucktards will get your wish, it's only a matter of time.

The government can not and should not be everything to everybody.

Unfucking believable.

/end rant

It begins...........

The countdown begins to destinations unknown.......................

Two more work days left and i am.................   gone............   for a whole week............

Regular blogging will contintue until we head for our super secret vacay....
Cryptic blogging will commence on Monday.............  

oooo  the excitement!


1. The act of assessing; appraisal.
2. An amount assessed, as for taxation

Consider this payment in full:

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Let Me Help You With That

No, really it's no trouble at all

It's teh eevil Trees!

go here

and here

Plants, to a lesser degree, give off similar substances, such as terpenes from pine trees.

We have a few of those around here, pine trees that is. Roughly eleventy!!11! Billion.

I thought Ozone was a good thing. I mean, what ever happened to the whole Ozone hole crisis thing?
Oh. Nevermind Algore found a better wealthredistribution scheme; Global Warming Climate Change, er Climate Disruption, er Sustainability!
I only mock you, in the most church lady loving way, because you are self loathing insane moonbats that believe you don't deserve to live on planet earth Mother Gaia and you think I should not either.
By all means, please lead by example and euthanize yourselves first. 

Tomorrow should be interesting

The Supremes are giving a free concert releasing their ruling on Obummercare.
The House is scheduled to vote on Eric Holder's contempt of Congress charge.

Let the bloviating begin!
Hey, dude, don't bogart the popcorn. No, really. Hand it over.

The dinosaur media can't ignore Fast and Furious anymore. Some of the media has claimed to have broken this story. As usual, they lie like emeffing rugs.
Sipsey Street Irregulars and David Codrea deserve the credit. If you really want the play by play story on Fast and Furious, go there and read Dutchman6's archives. Those guys should compile their blog posts, add some commentary and publish it as a book.  I'd buy it.
Don't tell me blogs don't mean anything.  The blogosphere is bitch slapping the main stream media.

A (not so) Friendly Note to OccupyBird

Dear bird that has decided to roost in the Crape Myrtle under which I park every night,
  If you don't stop shitting on my car, seeing as my shotgun might disturb the neighbors, I'm getting one of these:

Your days are numbered.


Answer: Because he's not a dipshit

Question: Why are you a Republican?
Ok, I'm paraphrasing just a wee bit there.

Alex Shriver sums it up succinctly in 1 minute and 44 seconds.

Found via The Right Scoop

footnote:  I am not a Republican.

Deals on Porsche Cars

Slightly used. Emissions compliance might be a problem. Shipping likely to be expensive.

Alternate Title: Where the rubber meets the road.

China's burgeoning economy is a hoax. China is sitting on a real estate and banking bubble the size of Mount Everest.  You cannot pump your GDP numbers forever by building ghost cities.  "Build it and they will come" only works in the movies.

Well, at least China is a bastion of environmentalism...a leader in green technology. I mean, look how crystal clear the air is there.

Uhm, nevermind.  Well at least there are soon to be a few less Porsches polluting the Chinese atmosphere.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It's what's for Dinner

Venison and Pork Sausage with Red Beans and Rice.
The sausage from Chappell Hill. Red Beans and Rice courtesy of Tony Chachere's.
Salty salty goodness. Scarfed two bowls. Crap. Forgot the chopped onions. Sigh.

Chapell Hill, TX is not far from BAR, and we go to the meat market there from time to time. Even better though, I can get their sausage in the local grocery.

Monday, June 25, 2012

If you like Cars

And road trips. You should watch this. Bluesun recommended this on Netflix.
I watched it tonight. I thought I'd had car problems. Holy shit.
Horatio’s Drive: America’s First Road Trip. 
Circa 1903

Now they should file a civil suit

14 year old boy shoots armed intruder.
Intruder survives, just barely.
The teen was babysitting his three younger siblings.  Per the report, the whole family is pretty traumatized. I'm sure the 14 year old more so.  I think they should file a preemptive lawsuit against the perp for pain and suffering
Cuz I'm sure the upstanding citizen that kicked in their front door will file one..
Good on that kid. He really kept it together in a crisis situation.

via Drudge

Friday, June 22, 2012

To My Wife

Listening to this right now:

Putting in my application for Bus Monitor

Since we can't just haul those kids up by their ears and cane them till they bleed, which I consider an appropriate response to their behavior, 'Mericans did this
Which I have no doubt is encouraging to Mrs. Klein, validating her indignation and humiliation, but it is not a solution to the fundamental problem.
These miscreants are the grandchildren of the baby boom generation. Well, could even be the children of the of the baby boom generation. I've seen some pretty old hippies with six year olds.
What the fuck happened with that generation?  I'm on the very back end of that generation, and even since I was a kid, watching, my reaction has been, "huh? wait, what?"
Was there some supersecretpyschotropicdrugweapon used in WWII that caused all the servicemen returning from the war to produce insane spawn?
(actually, in all seriousness, I would appreciate some commentary on that last line, because it perplexes me.)
I think I'm good to go on the application for Bus Monitor, stand up citizen, never been arrested. Well, there was that one question about Dispute Resolution to which my answer was, "Boot Gut".
I dunno. I'll just have to wait and see.


The Houston Comical news feed on the right sidebar shows this link title:

"Deputies investigate slaying in NW Harris"


Which links to this short article regarding a Deputy that opens a closet door, gets fired upon by a perp in which said Deputy dispatches the perp.  Score one for the "good guy".

I canceled my subscription to the Houston Comical twenty years ago. 
Belle put the Comical news feed in the sidebar.
I'd take it off except it's such good blog fodder.

update: They can't even get the quadrant of the city correct, now the link has been updated to:
"Deputies investigate slaying in NE Harris"

Spanking the US Olympics Team spokesperson

This comes via Bluesun via his Mom and I am righteously indignated, so I'm pig piling.
My Mother, Grandmothers and Great Aunts all knitted and crocheted.
I'm having a Lewis Black lightning storm in my brain right now trying to get the long stream of cuss words to come out so I can effectively express my feelings about this.  There will either be an update later with a long stream of unspaced eptithets, or my head will explode.
In the meantime as the pressure abates, I read further into Popehat's 1000 word post on the subject that Bluesun linked, which, contrary to my comment on Bluesun's blog, can be summed up as "meh".
Popehat apparently has had no knitters in his family.
For now, this will have to express my indignation.

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I realize that I will basically be preaching to the choir with most of my readers, but I'm hoping that to at least some, I will have something to say here that will turn on a little light bulb and someone out there might have an 'aha' moment.

It has been my firm belief for years now that we are all responsible for our own actions, and for our own well being.  I believe that it is up to us to make informed, concious decisions regarding which direction we take in our lives.  Sure, many of us (including myself) make a wrong turn from time to time, but it's up to us to face the consequences of those decisions and set our feet back on the correct path.

In a few months, I will be hitting my 2nd Blogiversary and I cannot express enough how this little blog has changed me for the better.  I think that this community, the gun blogger community in particular, is absolutely without a doubt the best of the best.  We are what the USA is all about.  We love freedom, and will defend it, even if it means defending something that we disagree with (TJIC) or dislike.

With our freedom though, comes great responsibility, especially when that freedom entails owning and/or carrying a firearm.  I cannot tell you how many people out there own a gun and barely know how to operate it (safely), much less take care of it.

When I made the decision to start shooting again, it was a process for me.  I had shot a rifle and a shotgun before, but it had been a very long time.  I had also shot a pistol, a long time ago...  once.  So I knew that I needed to go about everything the right way.  I took my Tokorev SVT-40 to the gunsmith to have it cleaned and checked out to make sure that it was still safe to fire before I ever set foot on the range.  Once I started shooting her, I knew that I was hooked and I knew that guns would start following me home from the gunstore....

Naturally, my goal was to finally take responsibility for my own self defense.  The fact of the matter is that when you call 911, it takes time for help to arrive and by then, it's too late. The damage has been done (whatever that damage may be).  I refuse to be a victim.

My first step toward learning how to fire a pistol was to go and take a basic handgun class.  It was very basic, but I knew that I could operate a semi-automatic pistol safely once I left there.  After that I would go back to the range and rent various models of pistols and shoot them.  My confidence in the booth was growing and I finally knew which pistol I was going to buy.

After Kx got over the intitial shock of my wanting to go out and spend some money on a pistol, I bought my lovely Alexa and practiced shooting with her.  I even took another lesson to see what it was that I was doing wrong when I shoot as I was shooting low... and low-left.  The problem was that I was anticipating the shot along with my finger placement on the trigger.....

After a while, I decided to go ahead and get my CHL and today, I carry everywhere I go where I am allowed to carry.

One major problem with most CHL holders out there is that they get their license, they carry....  but they don't train!  Training Training Training is what MUST happen if you are going to carry a firearm.  You are responsible for every single bullet that comes from your gun.  What the hell good does it do if you carry your gun, but can't hit your target under stress?

This is one reason that I've started shooting IDPA.  To learn how to shoot under stress and to learn how to shoot while on the move, from behind cover, sitting down, and how to shoot at a moving target.  It's all a part of training.

On Tuesday night Guns Over Texas Radio held an Intro to Defensive Pistol class which I attended.  I have to say that I learned a lot about what exactly I need to work on and rest assured, when the Tactical One classes resume at my favorite range, I will be taking those classes and will spring for the occasional private lesson from time to time.

So why train?  Because it's your responsibility to be able to draw your weapon and neutralize the threat, without hitting an innocent bystander!  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERY BULLET THAT EXITS YOUR FIREARM.  No ifs, no ands and no buts......  

Those of you out there who carry but do not train?  Shame on you.  There is no excuse for it.  If you don't have the time to train, you might as well leave your gun at home because really, it won't do you much good if you are ineffective with it, and you'll save yourself the hassle of a manslaughter charge should you miss and kill a non-threat.

I hope to God that I never have to use my weapon for anything other than training and IDPA or other fun stuff; however, if the worst ever does happen.....    I will be prepared.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Speaking of Projectiles.....

My other half forgot to mention that I throw a mean softball as well. (Ask him what it's like to catch one I've thrown if you have skinny hands)

He's right though, I do love sports where there are specific targets that I need to hit, shoot at or aim for involved....   

Tonight I am taking a Defensive Pistol class and I can't wait!  Will let you all know how that went!  I hope that I'm not the only female in the class....    oh well, I'm kind of used to being the only chick on the scene considering most of the stuff I like to do aren't exactly activities that ladies usually engage in.

Oh...   something else KX forgot to mention........   I am pretty darn good at throwing a cast net (for bait) and I bait my own hooks, take off my own fish.... and I cast my line pretty darn far............

Monday, June 18, 2012

I almost forgot

So I sent myself an email as a reminder.
Being a Dad and Well Married, I tend to "hold off" on spending money on myself.  Holding as much as I can bank covers "unforeseen events" which I have learned over the years only elicit an "ugh" versus a "holy shit!" if you have some money put back.
Ugh is much better. It still elicits acid reflux, but it's still better.
Belle ordered a Dragon Leatherworks holster for me a month or two back for Father's day. I patiently await its arrival.
Belle rapid fires and burns through her allotment of ammo faster than I do on our range day Saturdays.
She was waiting for me in the lobby area at the Shiloh Shooting Range with a gift certificate for a CHL class when I came out.
That was a nice Father's Day surprise.
The email reminds me to register with the State, pay the fees and get finger printed.


The Lovely Belle has a thing for them.
She just got home from bowling, telling me about her lifetime high score.
She really likes, and is quite good at throwing darts. She likes golf.
And, Belle really, really likes shooting guns.
The bigger, the better.

Yoiks money turns into noise quick

Two months back or so, AmmoForSale had on a thousand rounds of Magtech 9mm for $199.  So I bought it.  The lovely Belle and I shot the remainder of it up this past Saturday. It's become kind of a rather noisy weekly date.
I was pleasantly surprised the first time I ordered from those folks when the "box" arrived at work three days later.  One thing I learned is that carrying a briefcase in one hand and a thousand rounds of 9mm to your car in the other can be challenging for a cube dweller.
This evening, I find myself pleasantly surprised again.  The 1000 round cases are out of stock, so I bought 20 boxes of 50 at $11.50 a box over this past weekend.  Email says ammo due to arrive this coming Wednesday, UPS ground. Just in time for Thursday's IDPA match.
I reduced their stock of Magtech by 28%.

$230 a Night sounds like a deal to me

Especially in Maui.
Obviously Fox is making their cub reporters sleep in the news van when "away".
Apparently, they've never paid for a Hotel in New York City or Boston when there's a "conference" in town.   Try $450 for a single night.

The pic at the top of the article is priceless though. It should have a caption, "YiKeS! They're on to US!"

Yeah, I know. Going to Maui on the taxpayer's dime. Not good. They need to learn the Weirding Way of GoToMeeting or Webex.

Take a few days off...........

And all hell breaks loose.

The other half apparently frightened the blogosphere.......... heh...  we aren't going anywhere...

Regular programming will resume shortly... :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

K, I think I've hit total burnout on this blogging thing

I'm done C'ya

I'm a lying son of a B too.
I'm a pup in the blogosphere, I've blogged for a bit over year or so.
Quite a few folks listed on the BAR blog roll have dropped out due to burn out.
They wrote well and eloquently. They worked very hard at it.
I agree with most everything they wrote, but we are in an echo chamber here.
I expect nothing that I write to change the course of events in this country.
My hope is to encourage like minded folks that you are not alone, and I find the same encouragement from reading your blogs.
In spite of what you might think, what you blog does make a difference.

She Moved On to the Black Square

You Go Girl.
Maura turns thought into motion
She turned the comments OFF.
Mind made up, just going to do it.
So, don't be a stranger. 60 days in or so, post up the running progress and the RECIPES.
food porn ist gut.
She probably won't even see this post. I think she went Dark.

Instead, how about Ya'll go Homestead Detroit

Because I don't want you coming here and fucking up my Island State.

Hopefully, by the third line of this handy translation guide, their brains will implode.

Good Grief Cable TV has gotten BORING

One minute and thirty-five seconds to the dude walking the wire across horseshoe falls. TV is muted, I'm blog surfing.  This is supposedly live.  In this day and age of YouTube, the tight rope walker is going to have to fall and die via a direct impact on a massive rock all of which will have to be captured by hi def, high speed video to break the 20,000 views threshold.
Meanwhile, to fill out the "show", they are showing interesting and exciting video clips of extreme snow skiers, snow boarders, sky divers, etc., etc, etc,
What? no Rally Car Crashes?
So in thirty seconds or so, we'll get to watch this guy gingerly walk the tight rope 5 inch diameter cable.
Yeah, I know, I'm pegging the snarkmeter. I certainly can't do that. On the other hand, I have no desire to do so.  I don't jump out of  perfectly good airplanes either.
This is going to be like watching the Kentucky Derby raced on the backs of giant  Dr. Doolittle Snails.

downdate: I'm looking at the time stamp on this post, 7:52 pm cst. It is now 8:30 and now there's still 42 seconds counting down on the clock before this dood sets foot on the wire.  Where's that power button? ah, there it is. I'll watch the yootooob video tomorrow so I can fast forward through it.

When all else fails

Follow the directions.
I participated in my second IDPA match last night.  Boy howdy do I need to practice shooting at longer distances. At this point though, my development as an IDPA shooter is more about conquering myself than anything else.  I do myself no favors with hits on non-threats and procedural errors.
I feel like the Kevin Klein character from "A Fish Named Wanda" -"what was that middle part again?"
Most of my procedural errors occurred in the middle of the array of targets with me shooting them in the wrong sequence. I hit two non-threat targets last night, the second of which I barely nicked and the bad guy behind took it just right of the sternum.

Stage 4 was the one I expected to do the worst on.  This required shooting while moving.
Starting point had two bad guys close with one non-threat half covering the right hand bad guy.  Backing away, draw and shoot while moving towards cover. That part went surprisingly well. Four shots, two in each, no points down.  Next: from cover shoot three targets. At this point I've got 7 rounds. Six shots fired, two in each, two points down.  Pull back behind cover and reload.  Next step, moving from left to right shoot target number 6 on the move. Two shots fired at T6 no points down.
(Something has to be wrong here. This is going way too well.)
Last step, continue moving to low cover shoot targets T7 and T8 with one knee on the ground. Four shots, two in each target, no points down.
S.O. says, "You did that beautifully, except..."  I shot the three middle targets inside to out, instead of outside to in - wrong sequence. 5 second penalty.
I haz met the enemy and he is me.  Regardless, still my best run of the night.

One other glitch I ran into last night was that the starter the S.O. was using happened to emit a tone that was exactly the same as the ringing in my ears from my tinnitus.  So, I'd nod to let him know I was ready to shoot....and nothing.  So the S.O. would announce again "shooter let me know when you are ready".  I'd nod and...nothing.
After the third iteration, I realized he was hitting the button on the starter and I just wasn't hearing it.  At which point I let him know I couldn't hear the starter.

Fun stuff last night. Gets me outside my comfort zone.
Oh, I see they've posted up the video on the club website.  I'm almost afraid to watch.

Update:  Let's see if the video embed works.  My better run of the night. If you watch as I get to "cover", you'll see me screw up, lean out and shoot the inside target first.  Yay me! lmao.

Father's Day

To all the dads out there....    Happy Father's Day....

To all of you out there whose father is still with you, cherish him and do something wonderful for him this weekend.

To those of us out there whose father is no longer with us....    my thoughts are with you.

(Borepatch, you are in mine and Kx's prayers this weekend)

It's been 15 years (as of two days ago) since my father passed away and yet I still feel the loss deeply. 

Happy Father's Day

Thursday, June 14, 2012

No Wonder We're Effing Broke.........

Good grief, where the hell do I begin with this?

Apparently, we have a USADA (U.S. Anti-Doping Agency) that exists for the sole purpose of investigating atheletes who may or may not have doped while participating in their sport.

WTF are we doing?  I mean, since when is it the nanny state's job to look  in to shit like this?  Really?  I mean, shouldn't it be the sporting association's (of whichever sport we're talking about ) job to police itself?  Why in the hell do our tax dollars pay for such a governmental intrusion of the private sector?

You would think that the Feds would be more concerned with policing their own agencies... like oh I don't know... the ATF....the Justice Department....  the Executive Branch??   Fast and Furious anyone?

So now it's Lance Armstrong getting questioned about doping.  In fact, they are filing charges against him.  So correct me if I'm wrong...   but before these major cycling events, don't they test them for performance enhancing drugs?  I do believe that they do, but then again, I could be wrong.

Whether or not they are tested before these competitions is irrelevant, what is very disturbing to me is that the reason they started investigating Armstrong in the first place is because they questioned his record breaking performances and were suspicious of whether or not he could have really accomplished all that he has without doping......   huh?

I'm just sick of this shit.  Every day, innocent citizens are groped at the airport simply because they want to travel, the NSA peeks into our emails looking for whatever they look for.. keywords?   I'm sure that I'm flagged a gazillion times.....and now, they are requiring atheletes to essentially piss in a cup, yet they are suing the State of Florida for wanting to require people living on welfare to piss in a cup......   ironic?  Just a tad.....     Enraging?   Fuck yes!

No wonder we're broke.

/end rant

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I've never been able to yodel.  In fact, if I tried, I would probably frighten any near by wild life or goblins that might be lurking about.....   

Once again, here's a young LeeAnn Rimes singing one of my favorites, Cowboy's Sweetheart.

This girl can yodel.


That's the title of the following song, recorded by Leann Rimes when she was only 13 years old.  Yes, that's 13!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Police Militarization and No Happy Ending

The Harris County Sheriff's Department raids a few massage parlors.
I don't know if the add preceding the video will still be the same, but when I watched it, it was a clinic's or Doctor's add for back and neck pain. Targeted advertising?
From the article, petitions and lawsuits were filed, which sounds more "civil" than "criminal".
So, not only did citizens have to petition before the cops did anything about it, the Sheriff's Dept. thought it necessary to go full face cover anti-terrorist mode to arrest a bunch of whores.
K, so it was only one deputy in full face cover. Que'?
I happened to witness about 5 unmarked cars, small ones mind you, Impalas I think. Dark tinted windows, all white no markings, aggressively maneuvering through traffic a while back. They got hung up in the exit traffic I was idling in. I saw one of the guys in one of the cars. All decked out in complete black Tacticool talking feverishly on his radio.
Normally, having a LEO in sight gives me a sense of security.
The way those guys were driving, the black gortex, and the blacked out windows did not.
I was more concerned about them than what they might have been chasing.

Amazing what you can do with water

Friday, June 8, 2012

Jud Lin

The key search words for the week at BAR.
jud lin - 72 hits.
jud lin murder video
jud lin concordia
jud lin murdered
he is also accused of videotaping the gruesome murder and
"jud lin"
jud lin death
jud lin murder
jud lin, a 33-year-old concordia university student from chinaluka
rocco magnotta gay porn tube

uhm, yeah. We don't have any of that here.
sick emeffers.

If you got in your car and drove for twelve hours

How many States would you pass through?
Back in '06, I was trying to describe how big Texas is while in Boston meeting with my MEP consultants.
The post title and first line were my answer.
If I head west or northwest from the Hacienda de Campana, in twelve hours I can get to El Paso, or Amarillo...Texas.  Might be a bit less now that the speed limit has been raised to 90 85 80 75 + 5.
Watch out for Hondo though.  There is an official State sign there which states, "This is God's Country. Don't drive like Hell through it."  Duly noted. Yes Sir.
What got me to thinking aboot this is that Aertae posted his weekend itinerary for driving the family back to civilization from the People's Republik of Kalifornia [The Entitlement State!]
Five hours from the West Texas border to S.A.
Ya'll might want to get off the road. He's going to be bookin' it.
I think I just heard Borepatch snort as diet coke came out his nose.

Occupy Mousepad part deaux

The initial incursion only partially breached the border. As I type, she has  occupied the entirety of my mouse pad. This is a such a rare occasion with this socially stunted cat, I didn't have the heart to shoo her off.  Not to mention that she had her high displacement purr running.
So, for the moment, I'm mousing on the back of a Fish and Game magazine.
Current dog is in the background in denial about the fact that the CAT is so close.

Honduras' net worth might have just taken an uptick

Fixed it for ya. Even the grammatically challenged kx59 noticed the missing "the".
On a more serious note, this might turn out to pretty cool. An ancient "myth" that turns out to be true.

Can I Pinch My Nose Hard Enough????

Can I do that this election?  Can I pinch my nose hard enough to vote for Mittens and to pull an all Republican ticket?  The answer to that remains to be seen.  The thought of voting for Romney just turns my stomach because I really don't think that he's the anti-Obama.  He's too liberal.

I am so fed up with both of these parties.  I'm fucking tired of being fed shit-on-a-stick by the media... all of the media... and yes that includes FOX.

CNN, MSNBC and the others who call themselves main stream media suck Democratic cock, while Fox blows Republicans.  The sad part is, that none of them really want the public to know the truth, which is....    we are fucked, plain and simple.  Might as well get out the KY, lube up and bend over folks because our two party system has become so corrupt and there are so many people with their hands in the pie that now all we have to do is sit and wait for it all to implode.

As you all have noticed, I really haven't been posting up much on politics or anything really... just nonsense.  The reason is that I have been sticking my head in the sand for a little while.

Texas just had the primaries and aside from the Lt. Governor's race...  well, I didn't go and vote anyway.... what's the point?  The nominee was already chosen for me 4 years ago when Romney lost to Skeletor McCain.  I'm tired of this shit.....  I'm tired of being told what my choices are before I have a say.......   something has got to give.

So can I pinch my nose hard enough to vote for Mittens?  I have no clue, but I'm guessing that I probably can't, which will royally piss off my other half since I will basically cancel out his vote should I rebel and vote all Libertarian, or write in Elmer Fudd or something......    at this point, Elmer is looking pretty good....  although, we already have one bozo in Washington that talks like him....

/end rant

P.S.  Sorry for all the doom and gloom and over all nastiness....    I'm in sort of a mood today.

Upon Careful Consideration, I Think I'm OK With That

No, I'm positive I'm OK with that.


Got my ass handed to me last night........

Yeah, hubby outshot me.......   what else is new...

It's okay, considering that I haven't fired my pistol in a couple of weeks before last night, I forgive myself.

What I'm finding my biggest trouble is, rushing and anticipating my shot so I'm firing low.  I'll get that sorted out in short order though.

On the upside...  I only shot 3 innocents and had only 1 procedural error... ;)

Of course shooting the innocents in the scenarios = bad bad juju, lots of time added to your score; however, the inncents in reality would hopefully GTF out of the way... heh.

Good news also is that my draw is getting much better....   I still can't shoot worth a darn sitting down though.... (insert eye roll and deep sigh)  If it were a live person, I would hit a potential goblin from a sitting position; though he might be missing a pee-pee afterward!

It was a lot of fun last night and my other half had a great time as well.  I think he's still smiling about it today....  as am I...   I was very proud of him last night....   well done oh hubby of mine.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Recoil Therapy at an IDPA Match.

It works. I feel good.
I went with Belle to the IDPA match at Shiloh tonight. I didn't expect to shoot all that well tonight, and I met my expectations. On the other hand, I didn't completely embarrass myself either.
Man that was a lot of fun. Everything was a first for me tonight. Shooting from a sitting position. Shooting from behind "cover". Drawing from a holster, moving, reloading. As for moving, imagine the lightning speed of a sloth. That would be me. I was bein' careful. After all I'd like to be able to attend again.
I used the plastic holster and mag holder that came with my XDm.  It's all I've got at the moment. Belle ordered one of them high fallutin' holsters from Dragon Leatherworks for me for Father's day. It'll get here when it gets here.
I'm a little revved up right now. It's going to take a bit to wind down. [insert big smiley face here]

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

All is fair in love and war........

......or so they say.  At any rate, here at BAR we aim to please.  So, for the gentlemen out there...   here is a video that you might like.

Yes, I am a benevelont dictator...  ;-)

I love videos from the 80's....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Coolchange made me do it.......

I dedicate this number to CoolChange who suggested that this might be a hobby of his...  ;-)

I jest....  but still....  he brought it up!

I'm sure that my lady readers will appreciate the eye candy....  I know when I was in high school and this movie came out ...  hooboy.... 

They just don't make'em like that any more do they?

I feel much better today....

Yesterday, I wore a dress to work and had to carry my gun in my purse. I really don't like having to do that, I much prefer to keep my gun on my person, I feel much better that way.

This morning, when I got dressed for work, I clipped my holster to my belt, fastened my pants (I carry IWB) and feeling my pistol at my side, well I just felt like I should.

I've found that without feeling that pistol resting on my side, I feel naked and vulnerable.

Funny, when I first started carrying, I wondered to myself, "will I ever get used to this?"

My question has been answered.

I do know that once I bring home Little Sister (M&P Shield) I need to invest in a thigh holster for when I wear a dress to work. I really dispise carrying in my purse.

Monday, June 4, 2012

I see your Joe Walsh and raise you Seven Bridges

Now THIS is really music

Okay, so today I'm in a bit of an odd mood.  Can't quite put my finger on it other than just getting older I guess.

The Eagles... what a band.  Each band member was just as talented of a musician, singer/songer as any other one in that band.

Joe Walsh, while not my favorite muscially, he was definitely the clown of the act.  So here's some fun that they had when they got back together.

In the world of the bizarro.........

Well, I don't know whether to laugh or cry over this one.  All I can say is I hope that this guy fries, but in Canada, I don't know if they even have the death penalty there.  Send him to Texas, we'll take care of him!

I think that the laughter would be sending body parts to the government....  very sick, but I wonder if he was trying to make a point, if so... what?

Very disturbing to say the least.

Luka Rocco Magnotta, the porn actor who Canadian authorities sent the dismembered body parts of a student to Canadian politicians, has been captured in Berlin, according to the CBC.
Magnotta was arrested in an Internet cafe, according to Germany's Bild newspaper. German police spokesperson Stefan Rieldich said someone at the cafe recognized Magnotta and called authorities, who took him into custody.
According to the National Post, Canadian authorities are en route to Berlin.
The international manhunt for Magnotta began last week, after police say the so-called "Canadian Psycho" fled to Paris. Authorities had tracked Magnotta to France through his cellphone.
Magnotta, 29, is wanted in Canada on first-degree murder charges in connection with the killing of Jud Lin, a 33-year-old Concordia University student from China. He is also accused of videotaping the gruesome murder and posting it online.
Magnotta allegedly mailed Lin's severed body parts to Ottawa police and politicians, including Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who received a severed foot.
Authorities searched Magnotta's Montreal apartment, where they found a torso stuffed in a suitcase. Not all of the body parts have been recovered.

Magnotta promoted himself as a gay porn star, and according to CNN used several aliases, including Eric Newman or Vladimir Romanov.

For kicks and giggles

19 years ago, this photo was taken.  This is my baby girl Bootsie and of course, me holding her.  Geez, my hair! What was I thinking?  I can't believe that she's now, all grown up..........

She was a beautiful baby......  

Sunday, June 3, 2012

It seems like only yesterday.........

I was holding my little baby girl in my arms for the first time.
It seems like only yesterday when she looked at me for the first time and said, "mama".
Next thing I knew she was taking her first steps, walking, talking...   terrorizing our cat, Jasper.
Then in a blink of an eye, she was off to kindergarten...  her hair, so thick and curly all dressed up in ribbons and bows.
I blinked again and she was a blossoming teen, full of attitude and angst that is so typical of teenagers these days.
Now, I've blinked again and she's grown into a beautiful young woman.  So sure of herself and so confident.  I'm so proud of her today and I know that my heart will swell with pride as she crosses that stage and is handed her diploma.
She's all grown up now and ready to conquer the world.  No matter how grown up she is, she will always be that little perfect baby that I held in my arms almost 19 years ago.
My Bootsie....   your mother is very proud of you today.   I love you.

A couple of pics....    first one is Bootsie and Scooter..  Scooter loves her Aunt, can you tell?
The second is Bootsie and yours truly riding horses in Galveston last month for a mother/daughter outing...

Words for my Tombstone

Because I will probably carry them to my grave.
I have consciously attempted to expunge these two words from my vocabulary, but failed.
CoolChange posted up about some music from his past, which happened to be from my past as well.
"Dude" came out in my comment. I gritted my teeth and tried not to do so. I couldn't help myself.

tell me I am not alone...

Saturday, June 2, 2012

One Step Closer

To being a true empty nester.
Bootsie graduates from high school tomorrow. She's the youngest of our four.
Her plan is to start in the local community college next semester.
You go girl.
Proud of you.

Massachusetts Democrats double down on Stoopid

Elizabeth Warren has been getting hammered in the press and the blogosphere over her 1/32 Cherokee claim.  The fact check feeding frenzy is just getting good and ramped up. It seems that there are a number other things in her family history narrative that are false as well.
I was just musing a little while ago that it was unfortunate that such a weak and truth challenged Senate candidate wouldn't be the Dem primary winner.  It seems that everyone but Warren is able to fact check her family history.  To my pleasant surprise, I was incorrect.

Legal Insurrection posts:

"WAJ UPDATE: It’s official, the delegates have deprived voters of a choice for the first time in history, and handed the nomination to Warren."


Friday, June 1, 2012


The Big Guy has reactivated Listen to Uncle Jay.


Featured Artist for the Week.......... NIN

Okay so this might not be many of you folks' cup of tea; however, Nine Inch Nails, who is led by Trent Reznor, is probably one of the most talented bands of that genre that I've ever come across.

In this video, it's a live version of 'Something I can Never Have'..  the raw emotion that Trent displays is heart wrenchingly amazing.

I will be posting various of my favorite NIN footage and/or songs periodically this week.  I hope that you enjoy.

I still recall
The taste of your tears
Echoing your voice
Just like the ringing in my ears
My favorite dreams of you
Still wash ashore
Scraping through my head
'Til I don't want to sleep anymore

You make this all go away
You make this all go away
I'm down to just one thing
And I'm starting to scare myself
You make this all go away
You make this all go away
I just want something
I just want something
I can never have

You always were the one
To show me how
Back then
I couldn't do the things
That I can do now
This thing
Is slowly taking me apart
Gray would be the color
If I had a heart

Come on and tell me
You make this all go away
You make this all go away
I'm down to just one thing
And I'm starting to scare myself
You make this all go away
You make this all go away
I just want something
I just want something
I can never have

In this place
It seems like such a shame
Though it all looks different now,
I know it's still the same
Everywhere I look
You're all I see
Just a fading fucking reminder
Of who I used to be

Come on and tell me
You make this all go away
You make this all go away
I'm down to just one thing
And I'm starting to scare myself
You make this all go away
You make this all go away
I just want something
I just want something
I can never have
I just want something
I can never have