Monday, September 22, 2014


Work associate was talking to me at the end of the day today about his .45 and how spendy it was to shoot.
That and how the slide burned a hole in his left thumb due to his propensity to point it upwards when gripping his pistol.
"Check some of the online ammo retailers."
"Adjust your grip, lay your left thumb out level below the slide."
Problem solved.

Out of curiosity, I went to a couple of online ammo retailers to look at .45 ACP prices.**
The best I saw was about 41 cents a round.

Since Belle is jonesing for her perty little .380 now, I thought I'd check ammo prices for that.
Thirty-nine?!?  Thirty-nine cents a round?  For a gun that's makes the pew-pew! noise?

So much for the economy of scale.  We've been a 9mm household for quite some time now. Well, 9mm and 7.62x54R.  Simple and easy to remember. And, less expensive to boot.

Not for much longer.

** Memories of Borepatch's .45 that whispered sweet nothings in my ear some time ago surfaced in the recent past.  I found myself wistfully perusing gun sites for 1911s not long thereafter.
I sat down, gritted my teeth and gave myself a good talking to.  That time, I escaped unscathed.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Range date and my next love...

Last week, KX and I went to the gun range and this sweet little lady caught my eye....

A Sig Sauer P238 with pink pearl grips....    sighs..

Normally I detest pink on a firearm, but this little baby is just fine looking.

I have grown very lax about carrying, in the summer.  My Springfield is just too bulky for summer clothing so I've been debating on alternatives.

That little beauty will do just fine.

Today we went to the range and I was able to fire one that they had for rental (didn't get charged the rental fee).  I have to say that I was very accurate with it.

The trigger is very nice on it and the action was very smooth and well...  all around I just loved it.

The size is perfect for summer concealment and I don't even mind the pink pearl grips!

Only sad thing is that I will have to wait until at least November to get it.. but it's all good.. that's not too far away.

Until then.. she can just pine away for me and I for her.....    sighs....................

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Never published weird crap I've written, found in my drafts

As a disclaimer, I might have been drinking Tito's and tonic when I wrote this, god knows when.
Also, I've never claimed to be nOrMaL

"I have ruined a brand new shirt.
I am not upset about this.
Straight out of the packaging this morning fold marks ironed out. (I iron my own) This shirt will never look this good again.
I went to put my cell phone in the shirt pocket to discover there was no shirt pocket. wtf?
Like the other shirts I bought recently, the cut on the sleeves appears to be for a cadaver; arms at sides never to be raised above the shoulders, laid out in, " he looks so life like" splendor. No pleat on the back. wtf?

What this post is really about is chopsticks and Asian food in general.
I have grease spotted my new shirt while consuming Vietnamese food from a local restaurant.
When I eat Asian, I find it a great challenge to eat with chopsticks. Now I have a reason to never wear this shirt again."

Blowing my car again

Wait.  That doesn't sound quite right.   I like it ok, but not that much.
Noticed a really musty smell this morning in the Scion roller skate. I thought it was remnant O de kx59 seeing as I'd traipsed all over an un-air conditioned office tower yesterday and sweated my ass off.  Monkey brain offered an opinion and said, "you need better deodorant"
I picked up a stack of paper this morning that I'd thrown on the passenger side floor board to find it soaking wet.
AC condensate drain is plugged again.
So I left work early (that's 5 pm for you normal people) so I'd have enough daylight left to put it up on the ramps and crawl up underneath.
Yikes that exhaust collector is hot.
Why the condensate drain tube does not extend down below the sub frame on this car I cannot imagine. **
That little winky is tucked way up in there.  There's all kinds of scalding hot naughty bits, around which you must navigate to reach it, unless the car has been sitting for a while.
So a bit of scrap rubber hose held to the end of the drain, a quick blow and a half gallon of water drains out. Good for another 25,000 miles.

** Probably to keep driveway crawlers like me from fixing my own minor maintenance issue. I'm sure this is a real money maker for Toyota. Almost as good as pulling the rumpled driver's side floor mat out from under the gas pedal.