Friday, January 1, 2016

This Evening's Libation

I did not over imbibe on New Year's Eve. I was in bed, watching Russian Dash  Cam videos by 9:30pm.
Happy New Years's btw.
Earlier today, being on a staycation since Christmas, I had a few* bottles of the hoppy brew.

This evening, the drink of choice is Tito's Wodka with a splash of Ruby Red Grapefruit juice from the fertile valley of Tejas. (that's Texas for those of you born after our war of independence from the sadistic dictator Santa Ana )**

* If you are my tee totalling methodist Aunt, one is too many.  I know, right? You thought only the baptists lied about drinking. More to the was more than "one".

** Not to be confused with Santa Clause.   Why does Santa's name  have a "clause" in it?  So many mysteries. Another blog post I suppose.
I digress.  (which is the actual reason for the footnotes)

There's a reason for our territorial attitude in Texas.  We gave up all of Oklahoma and quite a bit of  Colorado to join the Union.  We are still bigger than France, and certainly less inclined to drop our guns and run.

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