Thursday, December 31, 2015

High Rise Fire In Dubai

In the US, high rise fires tend to be limited to one or two stories. 9/11 notwithstanding.*
This is due to the fire suppression systems designed into the buildings.

This fire, in a Dubai high rise, not so much.
I was unable to crib a photo, so go here.   Note the spread of the conflagration across many stories.

This particular fire is not the result of a computer monitor power supply overheating and flaming out.
So, I'll go out on a limb here. I suspect Lloyd's of London will be receiving a rather large insurance claim here shortly.   Followed by a stringent investigation wherein the claim will be denied due to arson.
Of particular note is there was no loss of life or injuries.  Also, it's the dead of night.
Interesting that.

The occupancy rate in Dubai high rises is rather low these days, well actually it's been rather low historically.  Hard to make the monthly till with no paying tenants.

*  A note to 9/11 conspiracy nuts:   A fire does not have to reach a high enough temperature to melt steel for a building to collapse.  All it has to do is raise the steel temperature high enough to lower its yield strength at which point the steel can no longer support the weight upon it.
"Fire Proofing" is nothing of the sort. "Fire Proofing" is insulation to insulate the steel for 2 to 3 hours, keeping the steel from heating beyond its yield strength.  So as a public service, I recommend getting your fat ass up and out of a high rise fire.  You have 2 hours on the short side, if the toxic smoke doesn't get you first.

Yes I still qualify

Even though the State of Texas doesn't require a shooting qualification for renewals of our CHL...   when put to the test... I still qualify with a score of 100%.....  I am a happy pistol packing mama.  Now I get to renew with confidence that I can still hit what I'm aiming for at various distances....  

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!


Friday, December 18, 2015

Pro Spotting

If you click to enbiggen, with a keen eye you will see, just to the right of the street tree, the elusive professional panhandler in his natural habitat.  You can tell he's a pro because he is wearing his PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) .
Well the reflective vest anyway.  I may have to write him up. He's lacking his safety glasses and hard hat.
I see this guy every day. I don't acknowledge him ever. I bet he's pulling down at least $200 a day.
I estimate this because I've seen the high end mountain bike he has tucked up under the overpass.
White guilt pays. Schmucks.