Thursday, December 31, 2015

High Rise Fire In Dubai

In the US, high rise fires tend to be limited to one or two stories. 9/11 notwithstanding.*
This is due to the fire suppression systems designed into the buildings.

This fire, in a Dubai high rise, not so much.
I was unable to crib a photo, so go here.   Note the spread of the conflagration across many stories.

This particular fire is not the result of a computer monitor power supply overheating and flaming out.
So, I'll go out on a limb here. I suspect Lloyd's of London will be receiving a rather large insurance claim here shortly.   Followed by a stringent investigation wherein the claim will be denied due to arson.
Of particular note is there was no loss of life or injuries.  Also, it's the dead of night.
Interesting that.

The occupancy rate in Dubai high rises is rather low these days, well actually it's been rather low historically.  Hard to make the monthly till with no paying tenants.

*  A note to 9/11 conspiracy nuts:   A fire does not have to reach a high enough temperature to melt steel for a building to collapse.  All it has to do is raise the steel temperature high enough to lower its yield strength at which point the steel can no longer support the weight upon it.
"Fire Proofing" is nothing of the sort. "Fire Proofing" is insulation to insulate the steel for 2 to 3 hours, keeping the steel from heating beyond its yield strength.  So as a public service, I recommend getting your fat ass up and out of a high rise fire.  You have 2 hours on the short side, if the toxic smoke doesn't get you first.

Yes I still qualify

Even though the State of Texas doesn't require a shooting qualification for renewals of our CHL...   when put to the test... I still qualify with a score of 100%.....  I am a happy pistol packing mama.  Now I get to renew with confidence that I can still hit what I'm aiming for at various distances....  

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!


Friday, December 18, 2015

Pro Spotting

If you click to enbiggen, with a keen eye you will see, just to the right of the street tree, the elusive professional panhandler in his natural habitat.  You can tell he's a pro because he is wearing his PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) .
Well the reflective vest anyway.  I may have to write him up. He's lacking his safety glasses and hard hat.
I see this guy every day. I don't acknowledge him ever. I bet he's pulling down at least $200 a day.
I estimate this because I've seen the high end mountain bike he has tucked up under the overpass.
White guilt pays. Schmucks.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Why Obama Lies

Funny how one little blog  post line will just ignite your brain.*

"I’m just wondering why the President of the country felt it was necessary to lie."
From my BlogBud up in South Oklahoma...aka Fortworth?
Also "Bob is not his real name" far as I know.   K, my best guess is "Bob" is a three letter agency spook or an insurance salesman.

I digress.

This started as a comment, but when I hit the footnote...I just couldn't help myself, so blog post :)

Obama does not know what the truth is. The concept of "truth" does not fit into his mental makeup.
Obama was, and is, essentially a community organizer. He believes himself to be quite intelligent.
If you assess the people he was controlling while a community organizer, relatively speaking, he was a genius. They thought so anyway.
Obama thinks the whole of the American population is as stupid as the vunables* that have flocked to him over the past decade.  As the current occupier of the oval office, he has found "middle America" to be quite frustrating because we all know what a dipshit he is. A dangerous dipshit, but a dipshit nonetheless.

*  Vunables;  (noun)  from the Congress WOMAN! Sheila Jackson Lee dictionary. Synonyms; vulnerables..also not a real word.  She's a moron, but she's our moron. Yay!?  Houston, TX.
She was at the Intercontinental Airport today extolling the extra security measures, in light of the recent Paris massacre,  put in place by the people that resigned from McDonald's last week and now work for the TSA.**

**  Which by associative thought brings me to my theory of why McDonald's franchises are tanking and McD is crashing and burning.  The TSA is luring away all their "best" employees.

In which I discover

Fanta Orange soda is quite a good mixer for Tito's Wodka.

Happy Thanksgiving to both of my remaining readers :)

* The beer blogging category, btw does not mean I've posted something beer snobbery. It means I've been drinking. No, don't ask, modesty forbids.

Monday, November 16, 2015


How do we stop such an attack here?

give them a hug
unconditional love
jobs programs

Abridged version:
Rub some bacon in it?
Shoot them until they are dead.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

A bit late dontcha think?

Michigan Governor takes a stand against Syrian "refugees". 

Maybe I should close the barn door, seeing as the horses all left.

Michigan is overrun with with islamist cockroaches.

Recently, an islamist city council majority was voted into office in Michigan.

"We are going to to show those Polish!"*

How's that hope and change working out for you up there?

*Those are Americans.  While I disagree with their politics, I will not hesitate to kill your ass in their defense.

The Canary in the Coal Mine


They've been under mooslim attack for decades.
France, being a gun free zone in its entirety just got their socialist  politically correct ass handed to them by Syrian refugees.

Israel has been warning and imploring the Western civilized world to wake up to this fact as long as they have been a free country.

The event in France should be a wake up call.

We shall see.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Not Dead

Just busy, busy, busy, busy.
Started traveling for work again.
In enemy territory at the moment...DC.
My frequent flyer status is so low, United just emailed a pdf of my card.

Time for an adult beverage.
A nice cold Shock Top.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Well yep... I think they will get all my hardware business...

Ace Hardware in Cypress......     gotta love'em!!

They have been there for more than 30 years and still going strong..  I bet they've never been robbed!

Friday, July 3, 2015

B&B for the long weekend

Messina Hof winery.
I'm not much of a wine drinker.  That's more Belle's preference. Might be something of interest behind that door though.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Looks like I'll be back in Boston in the not too distant future

We've had a zombie project that started back in '98.
The last time it "fell down" was right before Obamanoid's first election.
It has raised itself off the hot desert asphalt road in its quest for BRAINS again.

Between this blog and work, I've had the opportunity to meet several of my blog heroes that became blog buds.

I might be mistaken, but I think The Feral Irishman is up there in Taxechussettes somewhere.

Him I'd like to meet.  Also I'd like to see his shop.*

*I wanted to be an auto mechanic. From what I gather, Pissed's shop is not involve with cars, but it has Machines!
 I like turning wrenches and getting greasy.  My best day was working on my '68 VW Beetle. My arms were black from finger tips to arm pit.
Lava soap is your friend.  At 17, life was good.
My Mother was having none of that. So, I became an Architect.  Contractors are confused by me.
I know how to rebuild a transmission.  These days they take their truck to the stealorship for an oil change. I do my own.

Gay Marriage Ruling

Between this and the obummercare ruling, it's rather clear to me that Justice Roberts is either a mental case or "somebody" has some serious dirt on this guy.

Personally, I do not care if Gays want to get married.  I really want them to achieve the full rights and experience of Marriage.

Be careful what you wish for.

Where before if you broke up with your significant other, you packed up your shit and moved on, those legal papers issued by the STATE, are going to make that process a wee bit more complicated.*

I can guarantee you that scabbed knee divorce attorneys are clinking martini glasses with top shelf vodka in celebration of this Supreme Court Ruling.

* I've been through divorce twice, so has the Lovely Belle.  Marriage in the heterosexual community, statistically is a 50/50 proposition as to longevity on average.  I'm willing to bet that coin toss is going to far lower in the Gay Community.  Cheers!


Monday, June 22, 2015

Pruning a Queen Anne Palm

Went down to the family house on the water this past weekend.
The first part of my "Father's Day" was spent addressing the "maintenance issues" I'd volunteered for.
Item 3, prune the Queen Anne Palm.
Hmmm, doesn't look so bad. Kinda high, but I think I can haul my 240 lb carcass up the extension ladder and cut those few dead fronds.  Easy Peasy.
K, done. Nope wait. There's another one. K, no wait, there's another one.
50 or 60 palm fronds later I was done.
This palm tree really likes where it is planted. Another few years and the 40 foot extension ladder isn't going to cut it.  I will volunteer to sacrifice a chain saw chain to cut it down, but I won't be going back up that ladder again.
Temp was not so bad, but the humidity was hovering around 150%.
I got down off the ladder at a svelte 230 just from water weight loss.

I am not complaining. My brother volunteered to replace the bait well pump in the boat which I replaced last year. snigger, snort, bwahahahhaha.
Actually, when I say, "I replaced" I mean the mighty Sonnage, with apple crushing grip strength*, replaced the pump with my astute tutelage.
The bait well pump is down in the bilge in a nearly inaccessible location.

Have fun Bro!

Doesn't look so bad in the pic, does it.  Cell phone pics are deceptive like that. If you only knew.

* I am not making this up. He is thin as a bean pole and he can crush an apple in his hand.
As fair warning, do not let him get ahold of you....especially your nether regions.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Busy-ish last week

In D.C. Sunday / Monday. Stayed in an awesome hotel.  Being my first stay there, and wishing to make a good impression, they put me in the room furthest second furthest from the elevators.

Where's my complimentary Segway?

Truly, the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel in DC is a great place to long as you are on an expense account.
The Grand Hall to the Banquet rooms
Which also goes all the effing way
 to the other end of the block.

Wednesday to Friday in Dallas to review
 a full scale curtain wall lighting mockup.

Got a bit of sun. Note to self bring some 
sunscreen or a hat next time dumbass.

Next week we are going to blast the curtain wall mockup 
with this, and a fire hose to see if it leaks!  Weeeee!

Finished the week off with a little Beth Hart at the House of Blues.

K, that's pretty much done

That little thunderstorm  TROPICAL STORM! streamed rain all the way across the country to Washington D.C.
Oklahoma's only comment is, "Damnit"

Monday, June 15, 2015

It almost feels like a vacation

Totally disconnected from work.
As in, all my servers and network infrastructure down to the firewall are powered down.

We have a Tropical "Disturbance" rolling into the BAR environs tonight.

On the SHTF scale of things, this is more of a rowdy frat party than a domestic dispute.

The old adage, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"  applies here.
Two weekends in a row we've had spontaneous power outages at the office.   Thankyouverymuch Center Point!
This is a most ungraceful shut down for my servers.
I might be taking a day off if I can't get to the office in the morning.

I'm thinking of upgrading the Scion Rollerskate to one of these.

As I type, the storm has been upgraded to a NAMED TROPICAL STORM!
The weather channel people are wetting their pants with joy.  There have been so few named storms to report for years now, they have resorted to naming winter storms.


As the first NAMED storm of the hurricane season, I Shall Call You, "Bill".
"Tim" was already taken by John Cleese in the "Holy Grail".

The truly IMPORTANT news of the storm event!
Note the headline banner......

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Into Mordor

Mid last week I was informed we'd "won" a project and the client wanted me on site Monday to survey a building we'd be tearing down.

Washington D.C.

DC is a really great city*.

I've been there before.

In my college days as an aspiring architect I toured the cat walks in a Smithsonian Museum dome.  You lesser plebes have only seen this from the floor. I have actually been in between the inner and exterior domes of the building stumbling up and down turn of the last century metal stairs and planks. Weeee!

Of particular interest, the acoustics in this interstitial space between the domes produce quite an exquisite echo, particularly when an unnamed 20 year old retard yells out lyrics such as "whip it good" by DEVO. **

Fast Forward.

The unfortunate thing about this trip was I had the foreboding feeling that I was headed into enemy territory.  I have never felt this way about any city in which I've had a project.  Difference of political opinion?  Sure.
Religion and politics are two things I don't discuss with strangers.  Oh, also Global Worming Climate Change.  Wait, sorry, that was redundant.

On the way out, headed to Reagan to catch a plane, I caught a glimpse of the Washington Monument.  The "repair job" after the earthquake may have made it structurally sound, but it does not look good at all.  I wish I had a pic to share.  It is an image in stone of the state of this country.

It actually looked sad.

*  Over Saturday, and Sunday when I arrived, there were ten shootings, four of which reached ambient air temperature.  Aside from that it is an awesome city to visit because #History! No srsly.

**  I have never claimed to have not been moronic in my teens and twenties. It did however elicit a heartfelt laugh from my fellow morons.

Friday, June 5, 2015

I never thought I would be traumatized by dinner.... until tonight.

I am visiting a friend of mine in New Haven, CT and deep in the heart of their 'Little Italy' is a very nice, little restaurant.  Appetizers were great,  Atmosphere fantastic, nice wine...

The waiter, was pretty much fresh off the boat from Italy.  His English was pretty good but very accented and when explaining the off menu specials of the evening the lobster with pasta and a spicy tomato sauce sounded fantastic and while we were deciding my friend (who is full blooded Italian) explained to me what it was.  So that's what I ordered.

Apparently, even my friend who grew up in New Haven's "Little Italy" had no idea of the horror that awaited me.

The waiter brings out a bowl, spoon, small fork and cracker to crack claws.  I looked at the waiter and asked if I was going to be served a whole lobster with pasta on the side or something.. he gave me the quizzical dog look and walked away.   My friend thought that maybe it was just the claws or something... so not to worry all is going to be fine.

So a little while later....   this arrives in front of me....

Okay I wasn't expecting this at all!  so i pick through it a bit and see the green guts or whatever it is that is inside the lobster (my friend called it the tomalley pronounced tomale) and I thought I would hurl (had to be because it was green and apparently it's just fat not guts.. but it's.... green).   I did eat some of the meat but really it was just too freaky for me to stomach.

The Antenna are what killed my appetite. Even my friend was taken back by it and was pretty grossed out and considering some of the stuff she grew up seeing cooked.... that's saying something.

So the waiter asked if everything was okay....  I told him that I wasn't expecting that and it was  a bit troublesome for me to eat...    he said in his heavy Italian accent.... "If I had said 'lobster meat with sauce" the lobster would have been in the sauce..."  (I guess since he said lobster with pasta and sauce he meant the pasta and sauce is in the lobster.)

So lesson learned....    do not order off menu specials if you can't understand what the waiter is really saying....     or....    ask a lot of questions first.

I find this troubling because some day I will go to Italy.....    oye....   I better start learning some Italian.

If I get through the night without nightmares of lobsters chasing after me or jumping off my plate to sing the blues to me.... I will be amazed.

This has been a blogpost from Belle, live from New Haven CT.

Tomorrow I will be going to New York City for the first time....    I can't wait!!   Hoping to see my nephew tomorrow who lives in Brooklyn.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Belle is quite excited

We are not growing cucumbers. However, the next door neighbors have a vine growing up, and through the fence which is leafing out on our propity!
Inspecting the leaves and blooms this evening, Belle proclaimed, " I'm pretty sure this is a cucumber vine."

We have had a prodigious amount of rain this May. That vine is looking quite fat and happy.  Aside from the small fruit tree orchard we've planted in the back yard, we might have some serendipitous  cucumbers as well.

We have a preteen peach tree planted last year that has many buds and one excessive pubescent peach nearly dragging the branch to the ground.

Our biggest concern right now is that all the rain is going to drown the trees.

Monday, May 18, 2015

What I should have said to Ted Cruz

As Belle mentioned, we met Ted Cruz Saturday night, by shear chance.
In my own defense, we had been bowling..poorly...drinking mostly*, and having a grand time.
The tourniquet tournament was over and we were, uhm still drinking and shooting the sh bull.
After Ted discerned he was in friendly territory, Belle mentioned she'd voted for him, upon which I mentioned I'd already donated money.

Ted looked me right in the eyes and gave a heartfelt  Thank You.

I was not expecting that.
Somebody else said something, and being inibriated  enebriated  into my cups, I looked away and did not respond.

When I said I'd donated money, I was not expecting to be thanked or patted on the back or anything else.
My intent was to let Ted know I'd thrown my support behind him.

What I should have said is, "No, on the contrary, thank you for loving this country enough to go through the excoriation of running for President. We really need you right now."

Thank You Ted.

* Speaking for myself. Belle was driving.......

You meet people in the strangest places.....

Saturday night was the annual company bowling tournament.   It was a fun night.  Kx and I had a great time, though now I'm sore in places I forgot existed.  Amazing the muscles that use when you're bowling.

At any rate, after the tournament was over and we were all gathered by the snack bar, talking, finishing up our adult beverages and someone said...  "That looks like Ted Cruz!"

Kx turned around and said.."That is Ted Cruz!"

Before you know it, we were speaking with him.  Of course I was in shock as to what on earth he was doing at a bowling alley in Houston, so in my inquisitive yet polite manner I asked him... "I'm sorry but why are you here?"

He just smiled and stated that he was taking the family bowling.....   then of course I proceeded to tell him how much I enjoyed having him as my Senator and that he has my vote and wished him the best of luck on his Presidential run.

All in all he was very gracious and kind and just seems like a regular guy.  I like that about him, plus I do like his politics.

On the way home I was just in shock and awe and felt rather excited yet somehow a little humbled to have met an actual US Senator and the fact that I shook his hand and didn't feel the need to wash my hands afterward was certainly a bonus!

He was kind enough to take a photo with me which he certainly did not have to do but it is a memory that I will take with me for years to come.

I guess it just goes to show that you just really never know who you're going to meet and sometimes you meet the good guys in the most unexpected places!

Until next time...


Stay tuned,,,,,,     I have been a busy little bee with regards to getting to various concerts these past months and have met some really cool artists, I really need to get on the stick and blog about it.  (Kx will be thrilled really, I've been neglecting our blog for way too long now.)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A comment turned into a post - Mother's Day

My Uncle J was listening to some twenty somethings
Now, personally, I advise against this as it will lower your IQ if you are not careful, but The Big Guy is, admirably, fearless.

When they are 8, 9 or 10, you are smart, almost god like. They develop a sense of humor that actually makes you laugh. You actually have conversations with your offspring. It is a most wonderful time for a parent.

When they hit the teens, the whoremones kick in,  you don't know shit.
Have a problem you can't solve? Hire a teenager, they know everything!

From what I've read, the human brain does not reach full development until the age of 26.
Around 28, the females are feeling the tick of the biological clock. As you approach the mid-life age of 30, this gets quite intense.
 At this point in your life, you find yourself attending more Engagement parties, Weddings, Baby Showers, etc, etc.  And yet, you are still not married?

Personally, I think the voting age should be 35, when you have some real skin in the game.

I digress.

To the point of Uncle J's post:
They are young and stupid girls that think they are all grown up'n stuff.  Especially when legal drunk.
They have jumped the shark if they can they can get get to the age where they realize their parents weren't such dumbfucks after all.*

That day comes for most of us, raised by Parents, and more importantly, Moms that cared.

*without drunk naked pics of them posted on facebook....for eternity.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The thin veil of civilization

Drizzling rain today. A transformer, close enough that we heard its splodey "good by cruel world" cry, gave up the ghost. The news says it was a 2015 Millennial Snowflake Model*.  OMG it's raaaining. I quit. I'm going to Starsucks for a latte!

Therefore, I am home early today.
Our office building is without power.

This happened sometime this past Sunday as well.  The 'puter network did not care for it much. Monday morning was a rough start.   Today I was present to gracefully shut things down before the UPS ran out.

Our electrical grid does not look like the image above, but the frequency with which we lose power in this building is appalling.

The electrical grid across most of this Great Nation, unfortunately, does look like that.
Western civilization runs on electricity.  How fragile it is.
Invest in candles and Coleman lanterns.

* I totally made that up, but c'mon the wind isn't even blowing.  Okay, it was actually some homeless dude trying to steal the copper cabling that got lit up by 35 KV.
K, I made that up too. The truth is it was probably something more stupid than I can even imagine.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Had a premonition this was going to happen back in about '78

Sprint saves Radio Shack from extinction  Uhm, why?

No, not the saving part...the bankruptcy part.

Back in the days when a Western Auto catalog was your prime competition during the Christmas shopping season, selling crap was a viable business model.

I recall being in a Radio Shack in the dawning days of personal computing when Commodore,  Apple and Tandy computers were the heavy hitters.**
Tandy computers being sold by Radio Shack seeing as they were part of the Electronics, computer and Leather? conglomerate.

I bought quite a bit of leather from Tandy as well. I miss the days when you could get a half cow hide for 90 bucks. But, I digress.

The premonition came when I walked up to the counter in a Radio Shack, Tandy computers displayed expensively around me, to pay for whatever the heck it was I was buying at the time.

The clerk pulled out a ball point pen and an invoice pad, replete with carbon paper, to write up my purchase before it was punched into the cash register.

Innocently, I stated, " I find it odd that you don't use your own computers for invoicing"

Time froze.
I heard a pin drop a hundred yards away out in the mall food court.

The manager and two clerks behind the counter expressed such a hurt look on their faces.
I, expected upon such observation, to feel "bad".  Surprisingly, I did not.

That experience, and having bought three electronics kits from them previously convinced me Radio Shack was headed down the tube.

By the time my Daughter was born in 1989, Tandy was out of the computer business.

How they survived this long escapes me.  When I'm thinking of purchasing electronics of any type, Radio Shack is not a name that even remotely shows up on my radar scope.

** Mein Got, were they expensive back then.  Particularly if you factor in inflation since, say 1983. $2500 for an Apple IIe with 64k of ram and a squirrel speed walking in a rodent wheel for a processor. No such thing as a hard drive. Storage was two external 5 1/4" floppy drives. But, it was cutting edge technology and I effing paid the price tag to get it. Booyah.


Monday, March 30, 2015

Drudge Report - is it just me?

Has anyone else noticed how annoying the frequency of the page reloads from the adds on the Drudge Report have become?

It does it so frequently on my smaht phone it crashes the browser.

On my laptop it's just annoying.

Matt, ole buddy whuzup wid da site?

Friday, March 27, 2015

MMmm Desert!

Maybe not.

Is that a hedgehog sleeping in there?

Hmm, sell before date is...OMG way too long ago.
Fortunately the trash can has already been deployed to the curb...

I'll just march this little science experiment right out there.


Harry Ried to retire in 2016

Same to you Harry.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Ted Cruz for Prez

I think 'Merica is ready for our first half Latin president, don't you?
I mean we've done the half mocha latte president now. It's time for some positive change and we desperately need some hope.

Ted threw his hat into the ring in the wee hours via a tweet, which I read about this morning as I do not tweeter  twitter twat whatever...I can barely keep this blog afloat.

I digress.

I read the transcript of some of Ted's speech today and it was good, quite good.   Reagan'esque some pundits are calling it.
I'd vote for Ted.  We will see if is he there at the finish line.  I say this not because he lacks the qualities we desperately need in a leader right now, but because he doesn't just have to beat the democrats, he will have to overcome the liberal media and the establishment republicans.

November 2016 is still a long ways off.

This is not to say that I don't have faith, I voted with my pocketbook a few minutes ago.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

There's a price break here somewhere

bought a brick of 9mm recently which arrived in a smallish box, about half the size of the previous box.  WTF?  What'd they do? ship 500?
Same count, smaller packaging.
Bidness in the real world does not do this for no reason. Weight is the same, less air between the rounds.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Weather Forecast: Blackhawks at low altitude.

Where's my aluminium foil hat dammit!

A few snippets from operation Jade Helm that popped out at me.

JH is a challenging eight week joint military and interagency* unconventional warfare exercise conducted throughout Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and Colorado.

RED: Hostile  (See the map.  The entire state of Texas, because we are well armed? I take personal offense frankly.)

Personnel may be carrying weapons with blank ammo .**
Some participants will be wearing civilian attire and driving civilian vehicles

Wearing civilian clothes...weapons with blank ammo. Hmmm.  Do be careful boys. See parenthetical comment at "RED: Hostile"  I jest of course.

* Die Polizei, i.e. the local Po Po.
** That can be read two ways.

All snark aside, exercises such as this only apply to one theater of operation.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wodka When I was a child

I can remember when I was a wee kx59 listening on the AM car radio to the news reports on the trip down to Galveston about the leeegal ranglings over legalizing that  "EVIIIIL" liquor by the drink.
In the early sixties, you had to bring your own bottle to the pool hall or "lounge". The proprietors were prohibited from serving you anything other than the "set ups".

Our local Vietnamese boat person small business owner and success story, owner of the closest liquor store to the BAR Corp. Hq. pitched a Vodka to the Lovely Belle that we had not heard of before.

Belle, ascribing to the scientific axiom that sample size will defeat margin of error, uhm,  bought a rather LARGE bottle.

This evening I have sampled the test specimen and give it two thumbs up.

I am a big fan of Tito's, distilled in Austin.

Space City Vodka happens to be distilled in my home county*.  It is very good, and very smooth Vodka.

*I'm going to have to find out if they give tours....and free samples.  I'm pretty sure I could drive that far home.

All Your Security aRe OuRs

Kaspersky*, the computer security folks, have unearthed "The Equation Group".  This group is apparently so good at writing malware that it cannot be erased by reformatting the hard drive.

I'm posting this mostly to give the ever 'puter security savey Borepatch a heads up so he can 'splain what this truly means to highly educated and licensed rednecks like me.

After reading the article, plan "A" for the BAR Corp HQ infrastructure is to store the family vacay pics on an off network storage device, buy some spare hard drives and keep the Ubuntu install USB drive handy.

All dumbassery** aside, the Equation Group periodically filters down spy tools to lesser mortals like the guys that created Stuxnet.  Stuxnet was no kiddy script. This was the malware used to disrupt the Iranian Iranian Nuclear program.  Eventually, this is going to get down to flannel shirt and stretch pants wearing parent's basement living malcontent-ed hackers.

There was some quote attributed to the Rothschilds long ago, something to the effect of, "give me control of your currency, and I will control your country."

That has been trumped. "Currency" has been replaced, for the most part, by numbers in computers.  If you have control over the correct computers, and need more money, just add a few zeros to the balance.

Ah, I remember the internet. I really enjoyed it. Between these Equation folks and the FCC deciding they need total control over the internet, fax machines and paper are looking pretty good again.

* Kaspersky Lab and their virus and malware proteciton software is highly spoken of by the outsource IT folks I've used over the years.  However, Kaspersky is Ruski.  Edward Snowden, of NSA whistleblower fame, is currently in Russia.  The bit trail of this "discovery" is pointing towards the NSA.

** I learned that word from my Uncle Jay.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Well, it certainly wasn't me

There's a 67% chance someone will win the power ball jackpot tonight.
Posted yesterday 2/11/15

Interesting site I ran across this evening. I just love statistics and  graphs and charts and data 'n stuff.
Fermentation Infermation rools!

Turns out 3 someones won the $546 million jackpot.

On occasion, I will buy a lotto or powerball ticket*. I don't have any magic numbers I pick so for me to win would require a double lightning strike.  One, I'd have to randomly buy a ticket. Two, the quick pick numbers would have to match the numbers that come up, against a bazillion odds.

I'm not greedy. $546 million isn't necessary. If I could net 2 or 3 million, I'd be good to go.

*I've decided there are no gambling neurons in my brain whatsoever. I've been to Monte Carlo, Las Vegas, and a cheesy Indian reservation casino and gambling bores me to tears.  Apparently the vicarious thrill pro sports neurons are normally in close proximity to the gambling neurons as well, as I could give a shit about pro sports. Period.
College sports...nope not there either.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Laughing here...

Waiting on detail work to get finished on my car which was sorely needed thanks to scooter riding in the back with snacks and etc..    
Got a chuckle when detailor opened the trunk and had a quizzical dog look when he saw a stockpile of range targets in there... 
He is probably going to do a better than average job on it I am sure... 


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Nah, that's not it

Hillary Clinton MIA for the last six weeks.

Playing it safe.

My theory is that she's letting the sutures heal from the face lift.
Mark my words and watch for forthcoming pics.

Presentation Matters, part Deux

Paul Rogers, aka front man for Bad Company* with Jeff Beck covering a Foghat song you might know of, if you were born before the Apple IIe computer.
That is some righteous blues rat thar.

Hat tip to the lovely Belle, who used to post here.

* I saw Bad Company on their way up, and Led Zepplin on their way down in the same weekend.
Bad Company won.

Monday, January 26, 2015

In Music, presentation matters

Robert Plant and Alison Krausse.
Black Dog.
Speed and Volume aren't everything.

Case in point:

Easily Amused

The last time I bought a laser bore sight for the pos Mosins, I burned up the itty bitty batteries playing with the cats.
Having misplaced said bore sight, I hit Amazon the other day to replace it seeing as the seismic recoil had rattled the scope mount loose.* Some Loctite is in order.

This time I bought a laser pointer. The Maine Coon mix,  Peavey, is still staked out in the bookshelf across the room watching for that little red dot that disappeared through the wiring hole and hid.
The laminate floor is not helping one bit. :)

*  Yes I know, I've sullied the purity of a historical WWII era rifle by putting a scout scope on it.
Snicker. Pbbttpptth! snort. sneeze. damn beer burns the nasal passages.  If these rifles cost more than $140, of course I wouldn't have done so. Cheap rifle, cheap ammo, big boom and a muzzle flash that sets the rough on fire and knocks everyone's target down from the shock wave.
Big fun.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Meanwhile, elsewhere

Lovely sunny day down here today. Sixty-eight degrees.
Ya'll stay warm up yonder. Looks like a boat load of Global Warming  Climate Change is headed your way.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

In light of recent events...and comments related to the previous post

"Pig. Bacon. Pork. Pig. Bacon. Pork. Pig. Bacon. Pork...."

I think the solution to suicidal geehadists is to have women shoot them with pork coated bullets.
Double tap to ensure they don't get their 72 virgins.

Case in point, the solution to all problems is:

Monday, January 12, 2015

Charlie Hebdo: Caution Scathing Remarks Herein

Political correctness comes home to roost.
I'm finding myself unsympathetic. More irritated bordering on pissed.
The short version of what lies below is "fuck islam and the liberals that enable them".

Open your borders to inbred radicalized muslim geehadists.
Acquiesce to fear of being labeled as racist to the point where there are 75 "no go" zones for French citizens and police no less, ruled by psychopathic child rapers.
Disarm the populace. (long ago)
Disarm your beat cops.  (I mean really, how retarded can you be? Who would put on a police uniform if you couldn't carry every bit of ordinance your duty belt would support?)
Stop! I have a badge! and... and....and a radio!

France has been invaded, and lost again.

There was a solidarity march in Paris, some 3 million* French holding signs stating "Je Suis Charlie!"
Charlie, meanwhile, flipped France the finger saying, "Non".  "Where the fuck were all you jackasses last year, or the year before, or the year before that?" "wagging your finger at us, clucking your tongues,  shushing. Don't upset the muslims, pick on the Christians or the Jews. The atheists are right out as well, they get awfully annoying when satirized."

Banack Obuma was not in attendance, too busy watching the playoffs, and jeez he'd just come back from an exhausting 14 day Hawaiian vacation, courtesy of you 'n me. Nor was crazy uncle Joe Biden there. Thank God they didn't send that racist Eric Holder.  The liberal media has their soiled panties twisted twice around their naughty bits over this. Why, Oh Why didn't he go? Every other leader in the free world was there!!! (hint:  Obuma is a muslim)

Could this kind of shit happen here in the good 'ole US of A?   Sure.
It will be in a deep blue state.  A gun free zone.  California, or New Yawk, and it will be horrific because those are "important" states.

Meanwhile in "fly-over territory", Texas is queuing up an open carry bill, and the Gubner has stated he will sign it.**
Since the federal government won't control the border, it looks like we will have to do it on the street.
I'll never open carry. Element of surprise might be the only advantage I get.

*3 million might by high. I think I read that, but I'm not moved to fact check it. Let's just say there were a lot of frogs on the street.  Lucky for them the geehadists didn't anticipate that. One more loose AK47 would have made that a very target rich environment. More people would have died from the stampede than the rifle.

** My grandmother was born around the turn of the last century. She told when she was a little girl, she could remember seeing men wearing six guns on their hips in the general store.  History looks to repeat itself.