Sunday, September 30, 2012

buckets, string, rubber bands and paper clips part one

In the early years of our relationship, premarriage, The Lovely Belle and I came home on Friday night to find the temperature and pressure relief valve dripping from the water heater, getting all my good crap in the garage wet.
Belle is smoking a coffin nail in the garage, I'm hanging out eyeing  the dripping water heater.  (it's getting all my good crap wet. I need a way to keep the drip from hitting the floor, me thinks. Water is stressed, it has tension, tends to cling to anything nearby.)
 What do I have in the house to solve this problem? Ah yes.
So I head through the door into our townhouse to find a bucket and some string.
Belle asks where I'm going. "Just wait, you'll see".
So I came out with some string and the mop bucket. Belle asks, "what are you going to do with that?", as I tied a length of string to the TP valve on the water heater.
Cutting the string to about a 6 or 7 foot length, I tied the other end to the bucket handle, and walked it out till I could set it on the floor with the sting pulled taught.
Next drip hit the floor, so I rotated the string loop around the valve a bit till the next drip touched the string.
It went down the string, hit the bucket handle and dripped into the bucket.
Come Saturday, the bucket was almost full, so I emptied it. Sunday the same. Immediate problem solved.
 Monday, I called the landlord to tell him his water heater was leaking.
All my good crap in the garage dried out. Landlord sent a plumber and everything was right in the world again, until undocumented worker gangbangers started moving into the complex.
We moved.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Finally got to watch the movie on Pay per view.
I refuse to pay movie theater prices. Besides, the BAR home theater serves beer.
I enjoyed the heck out of that. I'm going to watch it again, being that I have a three day rental.
Favorite part?  Lokee (however you spell his name, evil weasel brother of Thor) commands the Hulk to cease and desist, I will not be abused like this I am a GOD!  Wherein the Hulk grabs him by the ankles and redecorates the floor with him like an old lady fighting off a bee with a broomstick.
That made me hee haw, especially the wheeze from the Demi-god on the final floor plant.

Some movies are worth $4.99, I don't care what no one sez.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The High Cost of Doing Business

In California.
Government regulation and taxation do have a very real affect on business.

The Golden Tarnished State inches ever closer to complete bankruptcy, all courtesy of their corrupt progressive and environmental overlords.


What Moron Decided that

Time to bring our Soldiers home.  The Afghanis can rot for all I care.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

25% better gas mileage?

Left at 0-dark-thirty this morning headed for Austin. Drove the same route I've driven many times.
It usually takes a full tank of gas for the round trip.  Topped off the tank this morning and headed out.
The tC is usually right on 1/2 tank when I arrive at my destination. This time I arrived with 5/8 of a tank.
Got home with 1/4 of a tank of gas.
Same route.
Same rush hour traffic in  Austin.
A/C was running the whole way.
Eco mode turned off as usual.
Same lead foot. (speaking of which, I blew past a DPS officer running radar doing 75 in 65 zone and was sure I was going to get tagged.  He was either asleep, or looking for bigger fish)
No recent oil change or air filter change.
No change in tire pressure.
I certainly haven't lost any weight.

pretty strange. I'm stumped.

Clocks in the house

There's only two I pay attention to anymore. My alarm clock and my cell phone.
The clock on the stove indicates "PF"
The clock on the fireplace mantel is at least 8 minutes slow.
The wall clock in the kitchen is slow by one hour. (month or two it'll be right on time)
My alarm clock is fast by 15 minutes. (because I hit the snooze button at least once every morning)
My cell phone, curse you, always has the correct time.

Years ago, traveling to the left coast, and the other left coast, I quit messing with my wristwatch to reset it  to local time. I had a cell phone, which adjusted itself without any participation on my part.

I don't wear a wristwatch anymore. My Grandfather carried a pocket watch. I have a high tech pocket watch now, my cell phone.
Yeah, I know, if an electromagnetic pulse event occurs, I'll be wishing I still had that wind up Timex from my teens, but it begs the question, "under those circumstances, why would I care.

I've been allotted X number of heartbeats for my life. I've no idea of what that number is.
 As that clock counts down, I find I care less about the mechanical and electronic devices that mark the passage of those pulses.

Bad Habits and Old Friends

I get attached to my vehicles. I've not driven that many, personally.  (not counting rentals)
1968 VW (hand me down, rebuilt engine and trans..god I wish I still had that. There's a long back story that is a whole nuther blog post)
1978 Dodge long bed Van. (The epitome of Detroit quality control. The visors didn't even reach the center clip off the show room floor.)
1983 Renault Alliance (first new car I ever bought myself post college, 5 speed stick, wimpy engine)
1988 Ford Ranger Pickup. (loved it. But Detroit's quality control was still shit, got 96K miles out of it before I traded it in.)
My childrens was born and as they grew, the car seats were getting a bit big for the Ranger's bench seat.
Needed an SUV.

1996 Jeep Cherokee, 2wd. 4.0 liter inline six engine.  High ground clearance station wagon.  Light and over powered.  I clocked over 180,000 miles on it before I let my daughter destroy it.  I loved that car.
A lot of fond memories associated with that old girl.
My jeep key had a little "dragon tooth" on it that cut the seal on my copenhagen can just right.
(copenhagen?  Yes, I'm a highly educated, and licensed by the State of Texas, redneck. Not your average Artichoke Architect)

Then came the inherited 1989 Astro beater van. of which I've written before. Still have it, but now I'm driving something more fuel efficient, and faster.

I discovered tonight, that my Scion tC key has a dragon's tooth on it. It cuts the seal on my copenhagen can just right.

Still miss my Cherokee though.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


We have yet another company Glof Golf tournament coming up.  The editors of BAR have a busy October schedule, what with a wedding, a 60th wedding anniversary party, and a shindig scheduled down on the crik. (nephew getting married, Aunt and Uncle 60th. Good month for the BAR family)
I thought I was going to have a valid reason to break my 22 year golf tournament participation streak.
It was not to be so.  The crik shindig fell through and my social conflict evaporated.
Having never, I repeat NEVER been on a winning team (we're talking 4 players on a team, best ball here) in 22 years, I've come to the conclusion that I am the weak link and not a good golf player, or even a decent golf player..ok..I suck.

Watching* "Modern Family" on TV tonight, I happened to look up while blogging and blog reading.
One of the characters commented about retirement.

"I golfed six days last week. A new record.  I found 42 balls."

I think I've found a new take on this game of glof.

Ya know, I know better and still...

Temperature differential has a huge effect on heat transfer.
I know this.
And still, like a dumbass I took the two succulent and thick pork chops out of the freezer LAST NIGHT and put them in the refrigerator, only to arrive home after work tonight to find them STILL FROZEN. An hour, removed from the ziplock on a metal pan for the heat sink effect helped some.
It is now 7:55 Central Daylight Time and they have not thawed enough for cooking.
Back in the frig with the two of you.
Looks like it's going to be a Top Ramen kind of night.


Obama's second term is going to be so cool!

We have more of this to look forward to....

No, it isn't being sold for twice the price originally advertised. It costs twice the advertised price to build for which it is being sold.  You, and me, gullible taxpayers that we are, are floating the difference.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Blessings in disguise

Spent way too much time trying to bring the web server back up today.  Stubborn P. O. S. 
Linux guy and I finally decided to restore the server image whereupon we found the network storage device was not responding.
While investigating, I found a condensate line leak, dripping from the ceiling in our server room.
Caught it early, all because the web server was down.
The web server doesn't seem like such a problem now.
I'm killing time blogging on my phone while waiting for repair guy to git er done.

Am I the Only One that Didn't Know?

That Bruce Willis could sing?

He's not bad on the harmonica either.....     Wow I really had no idea, but I love this song!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

What's on Netflix tonight?

Seeking Justice

Nicholas Cage
January Jones
Guy Pearce
Harold Perrineau

Found this on Netflix this afternoon. and  I'd never even seen a trailer for this movie, but I like most of Nicholas  Cage's movies, so I thought I'd give it a go.
 I was expecting a "yeah, whatev, what else is on" reaction on my part, but watched the whole thing.
Not a bad flick at all.

At first I thought Guy Pearce was Mark Wahlberg and Harold Perrineau was Chris Rock, except Harold's character seemed unusually comfortable around white people and didn't act like an abject racist. Nah, that can't be Chris Rock.

Anyway, if you are hunting through all the crap on Netflix trying to find a decent movie to watch, give this one a go.

You're in a Restaurant Lady

I don't want look at the bottom of your feet while I eat...   Thank you..


Friday, September 21, 2012

A Black Hole

That's Raaaaacist!
No it is not.
It's where I sent my office this evening. It's a weird feeling to completely remove your workplace from the electronic landscape, and drop it squarely into the stone age.  Well, maybe not that far back. The fax machines are still ...oh, wait, no they're aren't...stone age it is. (why do we still have fax machines?)
No web site.
No voice mail.
No Phones.
No email.
No file servers
No nothing.

Construction work in the server room this weekend so everything had to be shut down, bagged and tagged in preparation.

A workaholic's holiday.

We have way too much crap in there now. The shut down process took to close to three hours. Partially thanks to Winders updates. (gotta love, no I don't.   Sorry, talking to myself)

This was the easy part. Sunday night we have to bring it all back up, and hope to hell everything works right. Otherwise Sunday night might just bleed right over into Monday morning.
Wouldn't be the first time.

Living in the Closet

Not... what you were thinking...

The world's narrowest house, in Warsaw, Poland
 47" at its widest. (my walk in closet is wider)
An independent, "boat inspired", water and sewer system.  (water tank and chemical toilet? Niiiice)
No windows.
No views.
No natural light.
No yard, no patio.  (where do I put my "old smokey"?)

The architect notes that the house,
"will require a "spaceship-like adaptability." But that's why it's being built for artists and thinkers, as it's "intended to stimulate the inhabitants with the unusual feeling of being restricted by their surroundings,"
I'll have some of what he's smoking pleeze.
Unusual feeling of being restricted...isn't that claustrophobia?
This is supposed to be "inspiring" for agoraphobes artists and idiots intellectuals? Useful idiots will buy anything.   If they had their way, they'd cram us all in to these sardine cans because it's
a much more sustainable way of living
 You do know that "Sustainable" is the new "Global Worming", right?  The biodiversity schtick never did get any traction.

The U.N. is hard at work for you, as a citizen of the Earth, to figure out how to turn Sustainability into massive cash transfers from first world countries to the ruling despots of third world shit holes. Personally, I'd prefer that the U.N. be sustained somewhere else, like Cuba.

We need a 5 year plan to close the barn door

The horses got out.

"The State Department did not respond to questions about how high the discussion of deploying Marines to Libya reached, whether that discussion amounted to a recognition that Marines were needed there, or why it might take five years to set it up. A Marine Corps FAST team was deployed to protect the embassy on Sept. 12 after the attack and could stay there indefinitely."

It was not a spontaneous protest / riot.
It was preplanned.
it was not caused by a poorly made video trailer.
it was a terrorist attack.
The Libyans were not helping the Ambassador to the hospital.
They were dragging his dead body through the streets.

The Obama administration is the most transparent ever in at least one respect. They are terrible liars. New Media and the blogosphere have become very adept at debunking the B.S. the spew out in a matter of hours sometimes.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wow Time Gets Away From Me....

Well, my second blogiversary has come and gone.  September 4th, 2010 I started this little blog for no other reason than to see if anyone would really give a rat's ass about anything I had to say.

What amazes me is that I've found that I have readers from every Continent on the globe and second to the United States, Russia is my second highest page view origin!

I'm going to have to go to Russia some day when the rugrats finish school, but that's neither here nor there.  I'm thankful that people are reading!

The biggest gift that I have gotten out of blogging are the people that I have met but also the wonderful community that I am so pleased and honored to be a part of, even if it's through the web.

My youngest daughter, Bootsie, came with Kx and I to DABII, wondering what the heck we were doing meeting a bunch of strangers from the internet to go shoot guns.

I was quite pleased with her as she was engaged in conversation, and she was very attentative (at least that I saw) while listening to great stories and her interest in handling pistols seems to have heightened a bit.  She shot....  and she shot a fair amount of rounds from several types of pistols.

So where is BAR these days?

Well in spite of our spurratic posting, we are still averaging anywhere from 100-250 hits per day.  We have 1156 (plus one when this one is published) posts.  2,571 Comments (thanks everyone!), 36 followers and we are almost at 59,000 all time page views.

Not too shabby... not too shabby at all....

So once again, thank you so much for reading my little corner of the web and thank you for all that you've, as a blogging community and to those of you who don't not blog, but read, have given to me.


WTF is up with this crap???

Apparently Blogger has now forced a change on me.  Apparently if you type a key word it will automatically put in a link for an advertisement???   Anyone know if this feature can be turned off?

I don't want ANY advertising on my blog, period.

Just in case I can't shut this off......    disclaimer........

The appearance of a link in this blog that I have NOT purposely linked by no means suggests that I agree with, or support said product/service or whatever.........

I am NOT being paid to advertise on my blog.


How the Bruise on My Lip Happened

Okay so here is a video of me shooting TRE's .50, with party decorations attached at the end of it... but...  as you can see, my hand is way too far back which resulted in said Angelina Joilee lips....

It hurt, but was thankful that I didn't lose a tooth.

I still need to post my thoughts on the shoot, but it's been so busy this week for me and tonight is IDPA so perhaps this weekend the muse will have taken anything in and gathered her thoughts and passed them on to me.


With the price of Gold as it is

I'm surprised it took this long for something like this to surface.

Good thing I can't afford to buy any..I think?

Card Member Information

so reads the Chase Card Services envelope.  Hey!  There's no information in there about me at all, just checks that can be written against my credit card. Yet another means by which money that I don't have can be spent.
To the shredder with you

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What color is a Zombie's blood?



Now that I look at the after pic, someone had a grudge. Notice the bottom center of the target?
I suspect the women shooters at the DAB.  Nice grouping though.
Can I get an "Ow"?

Angelina Jolie's got nuthin on the Lovely Belle

And no collagen injections were required whatsoever.
One simple application of a hand placed too close to face on the stock of a .50 caliber big fucking gun and the pull of a trigger is all it took.
See for yourself 

From the DAB v2.0 photo album

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My last DAB v2.0 post

I might find another good pic yet.

First,  another thanks to Bob S. and TheRedneckEngineer for organizing and hosting the event.
Second, thanks to Borepatch for the community organizing legacy he left us before heading home to Georgia.
You never know what impact your blog might have, do you?
This post isn't about the cool guns I shot at DAB II. This is about the people I've met at blogshoots.

The BAR "Bloggers we've met" roll was created after the first Lockhart blogshoot, and has been growing steadily since then.

It's a good thing most of us blog*. Blogshoots are not the best venue to meet and greet. Or, carry on an in depth conversation for that matter. We're at the range, we have guns, boy do we have guns, and lot's of ammo and there's a target that needs some shootin' somewhere.

I bet I know more about how my blogbuds think than I know about many of the folks I work with.
I read your considered thoughts on nearly a daily basis. I read about your trials and tribulations, your successes, your happy moments with family, the stuff you build. (I bet if you gave TRE a box of paperclips, he would build a .22 LR zip gun out of it.)

TheRedneckEngineer and I exchanged a few emails post event.  I was not at the height of my game, to be sure the day of the shoot.  TRE expressed concern that I was pissed about something, which was not the case. The fact that he asked says a lot to me.
The Lovely, and Loves her High Caliber Rifles, Southern Belle is the gun nut in the family. Me? I really, really like to shoot, and I'm happy when I shoot well. For me, guns hold no more magic than my torque wrenches though. Did I mention that I like to shoot?

I'm all in for DAB v3.0.  I'll be up for the same reason I came this time. It was to see you guys, and meet some, new to me, bloggers. (and shoot a ridiculous amount of ammo in one day)

* Nick the Blogless gets a pass because he is such a nice and charming guy that has a really badass tactical shotgun.

From one Extreme to the Other

Scribbler shoots an itty bitty pistol
If you squint you can just make it out in Scribbler's paws. 4 shot .22 LR revolver.
More video from DAB 2.0


Wherein I say, "Owww"

Shooting one of The Big Guy's HAND CANNONS at DAB v2.0.
Yeah just two shots, no I'm good, I'm done

Monday, September 17, 2012

D.A.B. V2.0 - Plan meets reality

- leading with what had to be the funniest event of DAB v2.0.
The Redneck Engineer brought his BFG repleat with party favors.

Yes, those are party noisemakers 
duct taped over the muzzle breaks

I think you can figure out what the plan was.
The reality:

Might need more duct tape...
p.s.  turn the sound on...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pure Joy!!!!

I shot a .50 Barrett M82A1 today....   Daniels was kind enough to video the footage.....    I can't describe the feeling, but I know that I will be smiling for weeks!

More later!!!

Aaaahhhh     the sound and smell of freedom!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

DAB II Preshoot dinner

Quite a crowd in attendance tonight.  The Big Guy gets the long distance award, having ridden his crotch rocket all the way from Florida.
Tired, to tired to keep blogging on this itty bitty phone.  More tomorrow from the blogshoot.

Prepping for a Blogshoot

Step 1:
Start with a good lunch

Thursday, September 13, 2012

No Mas Dos Equis

I like beer. I really do.
I like Dos Equis quite bit. I've purchased it at restaurants and the grocery on many occasions.
I've liked the "Most Interesting Man in the World" ads, finding them quite humorous.
Until now.

Jonathan Goldsmith, the actor who plays "The Most Interesting Man in the World", may have just derailed his gravy train by simply hosting a fund raiser for Obummer.

I, for one, will never buy Dos Equis again. Plenty of other good beers out there. No skin off my back.
Dos Equis is not what I'd call a cheap beer.  Occupoopers don't buy Dos Equis.  Middle Class America does.  Jonathan has hit the double bull, dead center. Stepped on his own dick and Dos Equis' dick at the same time.  The great thing about this country, unlike no other on the planet, is that he was totally free to do so. High five Jonathan.

Now I'm off to find the major brewing company that distributes Dos Equis so I can not buy any of their other beers either, cuz, ya know, they didn't build that anyway.

No. Really. No kidding

From the Department of Redundancy Department


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It still angers me......

Yes, I'm still royally pissed off about 9/11.

That day was surreal to me, and I will never forget where I was when I heard about it. I was at home, watching GMA and saw the whole thing unfold, live.

I will never, ever forget, nor will I forgive.

I hope those bastards end up with 72 male computer geek virgins......    fuckers.

After all, there's nothing in the Quran that says what KIND of virgins they will get in paradise.


What pisses me off even more is how the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been handled and how it's been politicized.

Whether or not you believe that we should have gone there in the first place is irrelevent.  Once we put our men and women in harm's way, by God they need to be allowed to do their job and fight to win.

Instead, they are constantly reigned in and sometimes demonized when something goes wrong.  Let those who have sworn to serve and protect DO THEIR JOB because they are the best in the world.

Never ever send them to fight a war that you have no intention of winning.  You send them?  Make damn sure that you allow them to fight and accept nothing less than unconditional surrender.  You cannot fight a war while tieing the hands of our troops and making them wear kid gloves... we should have learned that in Vietnam.

Once again to those of you who are serving, or who have served....  I can't thank you enough for what you do.  God Bless.



Sunday, September 9, 2012


Not the slithery kind.  Although I've had many interactions with both poisonous and nonpoisonous.
I have a live and let live attitude. As long as you are not within the kx59 snake personal space zone and you move away, mr. or mrs. snake, you are good to go. Otherwise, I will kill you with a softball, or anything else at hand.
I digress.
This was supposed to be a public service announcement post about how to snake your sewer with a garden hose.
If you have young'ins, which one of their chores is to clean the kitchen each night, instruction to run the disposal while dumping left over spaghetti will avert the need for this helpful tip.

If you dump left over spaghetti into the disposal while it is not running, it will snake it's way down into the main sewer line under your house.
I know this because the main sewer line under our house clogged up, with about 10 pounds of accumulated spaghetti, some years back.

How to snake your sewer with a garden hose:

Remove cleanout cap. ( if you do not have a wrench, a pair of channel lock pliers, or cannot find the cleanout cap..default to plan B and call a plumber)

Actually, the previous step was the second, (I learned this after garageneering this)
The First Step is to put on clothes that you were going to throw away any way.

 Open hose valve full on, drag garden hose to scene of crime.
Insert hose into cleanout and begin back flushing sewer pipe.

There are ridges in the pvc pipe connections under your foundation. These will cause the end of the hose to hang.  The way you get past these is to twist the hose as you push it down the pipe.  Push, twist, push, twist, etc.  When you hit a hard spot that won't seem to give, you've found the clog, and it is time to put some moxy behind it.

I did mention to wear clothes you don't care shit about, didn't I?  Oh, and especially shoes.  You won't want those after you are done with this.  I'd suggest flip flops, but it is just gross the stuff that back flushes out. So you'll have to use your best judgment. In retrospect, gallon zip lock baggies closed with zip ties around the ankles might do in a pinch. Hip waders might be better.
At this point it is a twist, ram, twist, ram operation.
You will have achieved success when crap ceases to backflush out of the cleanout.

Final step is to disrobe before entering the house, and rinse with a different garden hose.

oh, one last helpful pointer: 
keep your mouth closed

Any Port in a Storm

Behold this fully functional blogosphere

The blogosphere has no impact? Ya think?
Tam's spidey senses uncovered this at the beginning of August. (in my own backyard, no less)
One Jeremy Alcede, owner of Tactical Firearms in Katy, Tx. runs his mouth on a local radio station.

Disconnection of mouth from brain is to be avoided. It can create circumstances in which you can actually manage to step on your average sized manhood.

So I unholstered the BAR flamethrower and pig piled.

Of particular interest to me, was the link at the end of Teke's post. I'd not seen this before.
Jeremy gets a lesson in supply and demand.

I'm not looking to have a negative impact on the Wounded Warriers fund raising whatsoever. I personally contribute twice a year in largish sums.

Now that I think about it, skip the latte tomorrow, go here and contribute 5 bucks.

The ocean is made up of rain drops.

In closing, I'll repost my response to a comment left at my post on the subject:

Gaining customers via competition is fair game. Gaining customers by having the Federal Government put them out of business and impinge on my rights in the process is not.

Being that the weather is so fair today

We are going to watch the Texans' game.
It's 73 degrees outside and sunny. If this is the result of Global Worming, I say, "more please".
Oh, wait.
To paraphrase:
NOAA deploys state of the art weather stations and disproves global worming.

This must just be weather.

Friday, September 7, 2012

It's almost here

About a week away now.  I'm getting pretty rev'ed up.  


It is too a real word. I just made it up and it came out of my mouth and I heard it. Therefore real.

Finally got a roundtuit

Taking my CHL class tomorrow.


May I borrow someone's muse, please?

I got nothin to write about these days.

I have been keeping below the radar this week, working away, trying to keep my head above water... yay!

Good news is that at least the DAB will be upon us soon!  Yay!

Can't wait.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I haz it.
I wouldn't be 20 something again unless I could know what I know now.
Except for the healing part.
 It takes frigging forever for a cut or scrape to heal now.
Backing the mower on the side of the house this evening, I managed to back hand the brick veneer on the house, in relatively slow motion with the assistance of the lawn mower.
I'd have opened up all four knuckles, but only managed to get three not having pre-planned the event.
Man, the skin on the back of my hands has gotten thin.


were apparently living here til I cut the front lawn after work this evening.
It was pretty bad.  I have a brown thumb, and no other excuse than my kitchen and yard slaves are all grown and off at college or out on their own.
As soon as college is done and paid for, I'm getting myself a fast,  shiny, new,

lawn service.

And maybe some professional landscaping. Our yard needs an intervention.
It might even save a tree a year considering all the nastygrams the homeowner's association sends me regarding weed eating the joints growing weeds in the sidewalk. I mean, jeez, I mow them down to standard fairway rough height.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Good start to a three day weekend

Slept in, just long enough.
Got up, coffee was already made.
Played some Xbox 360.
Packed up the range bag and Belle and I headed out.
Stopped by McDonalds and picked up some happy meals.
Visited oldest daughter and the grandchildren.
Ran 150 rounds through my XDm, and a few through Belle's M&P shield at Shiloh.
Came home and played some more Xbox (some day I'll grow up, don't hold your breath)
Went to the store to get some cat food beer cat food.
Out the front door I was greeted with this:

On the side of this:

My neighbors ROCK.

Walked out of the grocery to this:

Got home in time to catch the scene in National Lampoon's Family Vacation where Beverly D'Angelo dives topless into the hotel swimming pool.  As many times as I've seen that movie, I can't believe I've never seen that scene before. I would remember, believe me.
I should have bought a lotto ticket while I was out.