Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Science is Settled

Renewable Energy is

not Renewable.

Tam sums it up...could have just posted, "DUH"

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Ran across this again

It still cracks me up.

What you know if you own an AK:
You can put a .30" hole through 12" of oak, if you can hit it.

What you know if you own an AR:
You can put one hole in a paper target at 100 meters with 30 rounds.

What you know if you own a Mosin Nagant:
You can knock down everyone else's target with the shock wave of your bullet going downrange.

There's more.

Mosin Nagant Humor.

My 7.62 order arrived today.  I need to git to sum shootin. Now that deer season has started, I won't have to worry about the fussy deer hunter next to me trying to tweak the hole over 1/32nd of an inch and getting all pissy when I drop my club rifle on the bench like a brick.

In Preparation for Thanksgiving

We are having Vietnamese Take-out.
Because Belle has been busy all day baking these.  :)

Apron on, reading glasses half way down the nose, a few strands of blonde hair loose and a finger print of flour on the cheek.  She's also a bit testy at the moment because she is in full mission critical kitchen mode.
"Did you..."

One of the things I give thanks for is the people I've come into contact with via this Blog.
Happy Thanksgiving Ya'll.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Opiate of the Masses

Random thought.
Take away their guns.
Legalize Weed.



Stragedy is not the same as Strategy.
I've been watching this lynch mob petri dish* since the "Gentle Giant" Michael Brown crushed Darren Wilson's orbital socket and got himself ventilated.

The stragedy here seems to be to delay, and delay some more, the Grand Jury's verdict until it gets too effing cold for even rabid out of state trust fund socialists and gang bangers to want to participate in riots peaceful demonstrations.

We wait and watch.

* Courtesy of your Federal Gubmint interfering in what should be a local and state criminal investigation and prosecution.
We don't get this kind of shit down here because Houston is too decentralized and the city proper encompasses 627 square miles. The whole metro-plex area is more than double that.
Tough to get riot mob critical mass.
The closest we've had is a Latino Bar fight spilling out into the parking lot.  Also, most of us are well armed.


I feel particularly good about this past Friday now

Nothing bad happened. Nothing great happened. Just the usual workaday grind.

Mine was way better than this guy's though.

God bless him. Apparently is was not his time to go.

Meanwhile back on Terra Firma:
The owners of that building have already circled their wagons attorneys I can assure you.
Let the litigation begin. Letters will go out to any company that ever touched the building including the construction cleaning company staffed by illegal Mamacitas.  (hmmmm*)

Cal OSHA will be on them like white on rice. Having met with the OSHA folks in San Francisco personally, I can tell you they take window washing safety very, very seriously. 

* Quick check..nope not one of our buildings.  Pass the popcorn.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

LIke a moth to light

Crikey, I'm on a dash cam jag again.
I need to stop. Watching these makes me wiggy, driving insane traffic every day.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Not sure what the heck this means but.............

I decided to take this little test that everyone's been all keen on and this is what it came up with...   LOL...   too funny, me a progressive?   

You are a: Conservative Libertarian Total-Isolationist Nationalist Progressive

Collectivism score: -67%
Authoritarianism score: -67%
Internationalism score: -100%
Tribalism score: 17%
Liberalism score: 50%

Monday, November 17, 2014

Suggestions please???

I need some suggestions for holster options for my sweet little Sig P238.  I've considered the Flash Bang holster, but not sure if I want that or not, it didn't really work well for me with the SW Shield, but the Sig is smaller than the Shield so it may be a good option.

Typically I carry IWB and checked with Dragon Leatherworks and no luck there for the Sig so thought I would see what you all may come up with.



Sunday, November 16, 2014

She's A Lady

Meet Lady...  the newest edition to the Belle's harem of lovelies...     she's a Sig Sauer P238 and I am just loving her.

My early Christmas present and I couldn't be happier.   I decided this summer that I really needed a small, summer carry pistol that is easier to conceal in shorts and tank tops.

She fires very smooth and I love the trigger on this sweet little thing.

So why did I name her Lady?   Well, from the time I snapped this photo (at the range) and while I was running her first rounds through her, I kept hearing Tom Jones "She's A Lady" in my head.

I am one lucky lady to have a hubby who is willing to buy such marvelous toys for me....     I can't stop smiling.

*Rainbow finish with a feaux wood grip...  she just looks good enough to eat!!!

Merry Christmas to me.....  quite early!!

Rain, rain go away

Only a week ago, I was here.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Oh goody! another intertubes test to splain to me what I am

Found via that hippie moderate, Borepatch.
snick, snort, heh, bwahahahaha! Damn, almost said that with straight face.

According to this totally sciency test, I am:

Nope sport, I'm just from Texas.
(fucking youtube adds!)
Ray Wylie Hubbard sums it up succinctly.


And Switch.
WTF? This is an open air beach bar.

There's always the fine print.


Monday, November 10, 2014

Double Nickel

Hippo birdy to me.
I happened to be in a good place to celebrate however, with the lovely (and likes her $ilver Jewelry) Southern Belle, and some of my kin.

Did you know that Mexico has a Nucular Program?
Never mind that was sunrise the day we left.