Thursday, May 21, 2015

Belle is quite excited

We are not growing cucumbers. However, the next door neighbors have a vine growing up, and through the fence which is leafing out on our propity!
Inspecting the leaves and blooms this evening, Belle proclaimed, " I'm pretty sure this is a cucumber vine."

We have had a prodigious amount of rain this May. That vine is looking quite fat and happy.  Aside from the small fruit tree orchard we've planted in the back yard, we might have some serendipitous  cucumbers as well.

We have a preteen peach tree planted last year that has many buds and one excessive pubescent peach nearly dragging the branch to the ground.

Our biggest concern right now is that all the rain is going to drown the trees.

Monday, May 18, 2015

What I should have said to Ted Cruz

As Belle mentioned, we met Ted Cruz Saturday night, by shear chance.
In my own defense, we had been bowling..poorly...drinking mostly*, and having a grand time.
The tourniquet tournament was over and we were, uhm still drinking and shooting the sh bull.
After Ted discerned he was in friendly territory, Belle mentioned she'd voted for him, upon which I mentioned I'd already donated money.

Ted looked me right in the eyes and gave a heartfelt  Thank You.

I was not expecting that.
Somebody else said something, and being inibriated  enebriated  into my cups, I looked away and did not respond.

When I said I'd donated money, I was not expecting to be thanked or patted on the back or anything else.
My intent was to let Ted know I'd thrown my support behind him.

What I should have said is, "No, on the contrary, thank you for loving this country enough to go through the excoriation of running for President. We really need you right now."

Thank You Ted.

* Speaking for myself. Belle was driving.......

You meet people in the strangest places.....

Saturday night was the annual company bowling tournament.   It was a fun night.  Kx and I had a great time, though now I'm sore in places I forgot existed.  Amazing the muscles that use when you're bowling.

At any rate, after the tournament was over and we were all gathered by the snack bar, talking, finishing up our adult beverages and someone said...  "That looks like Ted Cruz!"

Kx turned around and said.."That is Ted Cruz!"

Before you know it, we were speaking with him.  Of course I was in shock as to what on earth he was doing at a bowling alley in Houston, so in my inquisitive yet polite manner I asked him... "I'm sorry but why are you here?"

He just smiled and stated that he was taking the family bowling.....   then of course I proceeded to tell him how much I enjoyed having him as my Senator and that he has my vote and wished him the best of luck on his Presidential run.

All in all he was very gracious and kind and just seems like a regular guy.  I like that about him, plus I do like his politics.

On the way home I was just in shock and awe and felt rather excited yet somehow a little humbled to have met an actual US Senator and the fact that I shook his hand and didn't feel the need to wash my hands afterward was certainly a bonus!

He was kind enough to take a photo with me which he certainly did not have to do but it is a memory that I will take with me for years to come.

I guess it just goes to show that you just really never know who you're going to meet and sometimes you meet the good guys in the most unexpected places!

Until next time...


Stay tuned,,,,,,     I have been a busy little bee with regards to getting to various concerts these past months and have met some really cool artists, I really need to get on the stick and blog about it.  (Kx will be thrilled really, I've been neglecting our blog for way too long now.)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A comment turned into a post - Mother's Day

My Uncle J was listening to some twenty somethings
Now, personally, I advise against this as it will lower your IQ if you are not careful, but The Big Guy is, admirably, fearless.

When they are 8, 9 or 10, you are smart, almost god like. They develop a sense of humor that actually makes you laugh. You actually have conversations with your offspring. It is a most wonderful time for a parent.

When they hit the teens, the whoremones kick in,  you don't know shit.
Have a problem you can't solve? Hire a teenager, they know everything!

From what I've read, the human brain does not reach full development until the age of 26.
Around 28, the females are feeling the tick of the biological clock. As you approach the mid-life age of 30, this gets quite intense.
 At this point in your life, you find yourself attending more Engagement parties, Weddings, Baby Showers, etc, etc.  And yet, you are still not married?

Personally, I think the voting age should be 35, when you have some real skin in the game.

I digress.

To the point of Uncle J's post:
They are young and stupid girls that think they are all grown up'n stuff.  Especially when legal drunk.
They have jumped the shark if they can they can get get to the age where they realize their parents weren't such dumbfucks after all.*

That day comes for most of us, raised by Parents, and more importantly, Moms that cared.

*without drunk naked pics of them posted on facebook....for eternity.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The thin veil of civilization

Drizzling rain today. A transformer, close enough that we heard its splodey "good by cruel world" cry, gave up the ghost. The news says it was a 2015 Millennial Snowflake Model*.  OMG it's raaaining. I quit. I'm going to Starsucks for a latte!

Therefore, I am home early today.
Our office building is without power.

This happened sometime this past Sunday as well.  The 'puter network did not care for it much. Monday morning was a rough start.   Today I was present to gracefully shut things down before the UPS ran out.

Our electrical grid does not look like the image above, but the frequency with which we lose power in this building is appalling.

The electrical grid across most of this Great Nation, unfortunately, does look like that.
Western civilization runs on electricity.  How fragile it is.
Invest in candles and Coleman lanterns.

* I totally made that up, but c'mon the wind isn't even blowing.  Okay, it was actually some homeless dude trying to steal the copper cabling that got lit up by 35 KV.
K, I made that up too. The truth is it was probably something more stupid than I can even imagine.